Joe Biden has set his sights on a single pro-life activist and one Senator is jumping to his defense

Joe Biden is on a warpath with anyone who opposes him ideologically.

He’s been raging in the public square and prosecuting them with his corrupt DOJ.

Now Biden has set his sights on a single pro-life activist and one Senator is jumping to his defense.

Pro-life man’s life changed with one single interaction with radical pro-abortion activist

Mark Houck was just a normal Catholic man and a father of seven who cared a lot about protecting life.

He spent his spare time volunteering outside of Philadelphia abortion facilities and offering counseling and prayer to young women on their way in.

Houck wasn’t a violent man and had worked in this environment in this way for many years.

Then one day in 2021, a pro-abortion “escort” approached his son and began verbally harassing him.

Houck claims the man got in his son’s face – his son was only 12 at the time.

This prompted him to jump to his son’s defense, pushing the man away. 

The man fell over.

According to reports, the incident was so minor that a District Court in Philadelphia dismissed the complaint by the radical pro-abortion activist.

Mark Houck tried to cooperate with FBI agents months ago in response to incident outside Philadelphia abortion facility

The federal government has been looking to reopen the case for several months now.

According to Houck’s attorney at the Thomas More Society, the DOJ began looking to open charges under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE).

Houck’s attorney suggested that he appear voluntarily and the FBI refused to speak with him.

Now his case is becoming a national talking point after more than 20 heavily armed federal agents stormed his home at daybreak on September 23. 

They arrested him in front of his wife and seven young children – leaving them terrified.

Senator Josh Hawley tells Attorney General Garland that he has “a lot to answer for”

The case caught the attention of Missouri Senator Josh Hawley (R) and he jumped to defend Houck.

In a letter, he told Attorney General Merrick Garland that he has “a lot to answer for.”

He stated the basis of the warrant was on weak grounds and this was a “single” case of a man trying to “defend his child” near an abortion facility.

He further argued that the simple situation had already been resolved when a local court threw it out. 

Instead, it turned into “20 to 25 agents” that “allegedly arrested Houck at gunpoint . . . in front of his seven children . . . Houck’s wife said . . . ‘the kids were all just screaming.’”

Hawley then focused on the clear hypocrisy being exercised by the DOJ.

Hawley calls for Garland to testify before Congress over “apparent political weaponization” of the FACE Act

“The reports are especially shocking given that your office has so far turned a blind eye to the epidemic of violence across the country by pro-abortion extremists against pregnancy resource centers, houses of worship, and pro-life Americans,” Hawley argued.

He then reminded Garland that those very pregnancy centers are protected “by the same law under which you are charging Mark Houck.”

Accusing Garland of targeting people based on ideology, he called on him to testify under oath about Garland’s “selective use and apparent political weaponization of the FACE Act.”

The FBI has commented minimally, only stating he was “taken into custody without incident.”

An aggressive, overwhelming show of force against a man who was trying to cooperate with the FBI.

The unwillingness to prosecute perpetrators of extreme violence against over 100 pregnancy centers this summer.

It’s hard to see how the FBI’s actions are anything but political these days.

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