Joe Biden flew into a fit of rage after this Republican Congressman issued this powerful warning on Ukraine

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As America’s economy looks to be on the verge of flatlining tens of billions of taxpayer dollars are being sent to Ukraine to fight Joe Biden’s proxy war with Russia.

The war in Ukraine has raged for over a year now with no end in sight and Americans who do support the war are beginning to have second thoughts.

But Joe Biden flew into a fit of rage after this Republican Congressman issued this powerful warning on Ukraine.

Funding endless foreign wars is a poor foreign policy strategy

In former President George Washington’s farewell address, he warned of foreign alliances and “overgrown military establishments which, under any form of government, are inauspicious to liberty.” 

If Washington knew about the expansive degree to which the United States would ultimately participate in costly foreign wars, he would be absolutely disgusted. 

Since Russia invaded Ukraine over a year ago, the Biden regime unilaterally sent billions of tax dollars worth of military and humanitarian aid to the nation, while Congress has thrown in billions more.

Congressman Greg Steube (R-Florida) is one Member of Congress who has the guts to stand up against this reckless spending.

Recently, during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly Reports, Rep. Steube outlined why he opposes spending seemingly unlimited amounts of taxpayer dollars on the Ukraine war, likening these events to the Iraq War. 

“We’ve got a lot of hurt soldiers, but not a lot to show for it,” Steube said. “And one of the things like — the reasons why I haven’t supported the things going on and the funding for Ukraine is what is our mission and purpose there? And that was one of the things we struggled with over there.” 

“We had a mission purpose when we were there, and we went out every day and did our job like we were told to do,” he added. “But now, as you look back, what did we accomplish during our time there? And it’s pretty disheartening to see that we’ve pulled out of these places and that we don’t really have anything to show for it.”

As Rep. Steube points out, the United States has a very vague end game when it comes to the Ukrainian conflict, outside of simply stopping Russia. 

Not having a clear strategy is a recipe for disaster, and as Steube explained, has caused many tragedies in the past. 

Joe Biden’s support of the Ukraine War could be his undoing

With the American economy on the brink of collapse, now is the worst possible time for President Biden and his hawkish cronies in Washington, D.C. to force America into yet another massive foreign war.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine once again highlights the need for European nations to increase their defense spending. 

For years, former President Donald Trump emphasized this crucial point, but was ridiculed and chastised for it by Democrats and the corporate-controlled media.

The more taxpayer money the United States continues to throw into foreign wars, the more problems America creates down the line. 

This theory has been proven time and time again through the years with blood and toil, but the ruling class elites just won’t accept the message.

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