Joe Biden flew into a fit of rage after House Republicans hit the ground running with this investigation

Screenshot via Youtube, CSPAN

Now that Republicans have control of the House investigations into Joe Biden and his family are underway.

Gone are the days of House Democrats covering up the Biden family’s shady dealings. 

But Joe Biden flew into a fit of rage after House Republicans hit the ground running with this investigation.

Joe Biden may have to answer some very tough questions in the near future

One of the first things that House Republicans did after taking power was to establish The Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. 

This Committee is designed to investigate the alleged bias against conservatives within the federal government, and is preparing for their first hearings as early as this week. 

Those who serve on the Committee claim that organizations, such as the FBI, have worked with large companies to silence anyone who speaks out against certain Biden regime narratives.

Unsurprisingly, President Joe Biden and his political allies are furious that such a Committee exists.

On Thursday, Biden’s special assistant, Ian Sams, released a scathing criticism of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. 

“Today, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan is launching the Fox News reboot of the House Un-American Activities Committee with a political stunt that weaponizes Congress to carry out the priorities of extreme MAGA Republicans in Congress,” Sams wrote. “These extreme MAGA Republicans in Congress are choosing to make it their top priority to go down the rabbit hole of debunked conspiracy theories about a ‘deep state’ instead of taking a deep breath and deciding to work with the President and Democrats in Congress.”

These attacks prove that Biden and his cronies are furious over the Committee. 

Over the last couple of years, President Biden was largely shielded by the fact that House Democrats had the majority, but now, he’ll finally have to answer for his alleged corruption.

Sams did not indicate whether or not the President and his regime will participate in these investigations, but his statement certainly casts doubt on that possibility. 

Nevertheless, House Republicans are putting a tremendous amount of time and resources into the Committee and its investigation.

The American public deserves answers from Joe Biden

In the coming weeks and months, those who are close to President Biden and his regime will be forced to answer some very difficult questions about their role in allegedly silencing their political opponents. 

A thorough investigation will help Americans to see why certain viewpoints are covered up, while other extreme far-left viewpoints are lauded by the government and large companies. 

In addition to these investigations, Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, are under investigation by House Republicans for a number of alleged crimes including tax fraud, and wire fraud, among others. 

For decades, Joe Biden has been able to go through life without ever being held accountable for his misdoings, but those days are finally coming to an end. 

House Republicans must prove to the nation that nobody, even the President of the United States, is above the law. 

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