Joe Biden fell out of his chair after Twitter’s woke left-wing co-founder Jack Dorsey made one stunning endorsement

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According to the Real Clear Politics polling average Joe Biden’s average approval rating is just over 41%.

That embarrassingly low approval rating proves that the vast majority of Americans do not want him to be President much less be re-elected.

And now Joe Biden is furious after Jack Dorsey makes this shocking endorsement.

The 2024 election is heating up and already breaking boundaries

In today’s political world, incumbent Presidents rarely if ever face a challenge from within their own party. 

Not only does a primary challenger display weakness within the party, but it also shows that the incumbent President is immensely unpopular.

So far, President Joe Biden has earned two challengers from within the Democrat Party he’s supposed to control, and both are quickly gaining popularity in the polls as more and more Democrat voters actually learn about their candidacies – it’s not like the media is going to acknowledge their existence or anything.

To make matters worse for President Biden, many prominent Democrat celebrities, megadonors, and even some activists, are coming out in support of his Democrat foes. 

Last Sunday, Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey – who led the company throughout much of its efforts to censor verifiably factual reporting that could have damaged Biden’s 2020 campaign, amongst many other censored topics – announced on the platform he helped create that he is officially endorsing Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President.

Needless to say, such an announcement from a legitimate titan of the Big Tech industry, who actively did everything in his power as Twitter’s CEO to tip the scales in Biden’s favor, sent massive shockwaves from Silicon Valley to Washington D.C. and everywhere in between.

In making his endorsement, Dorsey shared a video of the heir to the Kennedy political dynasty in which the Democrat candidate made the case that he can beat former President Donald Trump, and added the caption, “He can and he will.” 

One of the Twitter co-founder’s followers on the platform asked for him to clarify whether the post was intended as a prediction or an endorsement, to which Dorsey simply replied, “Both.”

Another Twitter argued that “the DNC would never allow that,” but while Dorsey conceded the user’s statement was “true” he believes the Democrat Party itself is becoming “more irrelevant by the day.”

While the reaction to the endorsement was obviously because it defied President Biden and his radical agenda, it also comes across as ironic to many. 

One of Kennedy’s top issues is internet censorship, particularly when it comes to COVID and other medical topics. 

As mentioned, Dorsey played a very direct role in censoring millions of Americans, like Kennedy who was suspended from Twitter during the former CEO’s tenure for tweeting about scientific research, studies, and other verifiably factual information that contradict Democrats and their media allies’ so-called “mainstream” narrative surrounding COVID.

As far as Kennedy is concerned, his poll numbers seem to climb every time Biden falls down the stairs or puts his foot in his mouth – so often.

As of now, the Real Clear Politics polling average indicates that he has the support of nearly 17% of Democrat voters, while Biden has secured the support of just 59.6% of Democrats.

It is virtually unheard of for an incumbent President to ever have the support of less than 60% of his own party, and these numbers prove that Biden has a lot of work to do this primary season. 

Joe Biden’s inability to lead is tearing the Democrat party apart

It is no secret that President Biden is suffering from cognitive decline, and nowadays, he is even unable to go up or down the stairs, and can’t seem to put coherent sentences together. 

Robert F. Kennedy’s relatively high poll numbers show that Democrat voters are desperate for better options.

It is not clear at this point if there will be any more Democrats running against Joe Biden, but any Democrat can expect harsh blowback from the DNC and the media as soon as they choose to run.

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