Joe Biden fanned the flames of division in his latest speech that left Americans red with rage

Joe Biden has continually claimed that one of his main goals is to bring the country together.

Yet it seems like he only wants to rile up his base.

And Joe Biden fanned the flames of division in his latest speech that left Americans red with rage.

Biden’s latest speech at Independence Hall in Philadelphia proves that he and his party show no signs of stopping the harmful rhetoric.

A “battle for the soul of the nation”

Biden’s speech on Thursday was dubbed his “Battle for the Soul of the Nation” speech, but it was filled with insults and negative statements aimed right at Republicans.

During the prime time and televised address, Biden said that Trump and his followers had an “extreme ideology” that threatens the very fabric of the nation.

Of course, the White House claims that the talk wasn’t a campaign speech, even while he continually urged Americans to get out and vote.

Biden painted a picture of forces within the Republican Party attempting to subvert democracy, and he rallied Americans to fight against them.

In the meantime, his administration continues to claim that the speech was not political, although plenty of journalists and politicians disagree with that assessment.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green tweeted, “Joe Biden just declared all of us enemies of the state,” and went on to call for his impeachment.

Even some in the media had a negative response to the speech, including CNN anchor Brianna Keilar who stated that making the speech while standing with Marines on either side of Biden “flies in the face” of what should be an apolitical military.

Conservative media commentator Ben Shapiro tweeted that it was “the most demagogic, outrageous, and divisive speech” he’d ever seen from an American president.

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy was also unhappy with the speech, accusing Biden of trying to divide Americans rather than bring them together.

McCarthy declared that Joe Biden has “launched an assault” on the soul of America, the American people, the nation’s laws, and its values.

Will Biden’s angry rhetoric backfire?

It’s no secret that the Democrats have held a deep disdain for Donald Trump and most of the GOP for years.

But the nation is struggling with countless crises on everything from soaring inflation, to high crime rates, an immigration crisis, and the potential of entering a global war.

Most Americans don’t want to listen to the two parties bicker over their opinions of each other when what they really need is policies put into place that will actually help them.

Yet Biden’s administration continues to ignore the concerns of their fellow politicians, American citizens, and the press.

When asked about McCarthy’s statements, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre simply said that “we understand we hit a nerve.”

During the speech, Biden also accused Republicans of embracing anger, thriving on chaos, and living “not in the light of truth but in the shadow of lies.”

These heated comments are only stoking the fire of division rather than attempting to put it out.

Perhaps if the White House would have admitted that the speech was political, the administration wouldn’t face as much criticism as they’re getting.

But calling out members of the opposing political party on a national platform and using this type of language could certainly backfire as people start to see Biden’s true colors show through.

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