Joe Biden blew a gasket when CNN called out this massive deception

Joe Biden’s failed Presidency is falling apart at the seams.

Even the corporate-controlled media is turning on him.

And Joe Biden blew a gasket when CNN called out this massive deception.

Joe Biden’s on a lonely island

President Joe Biden’s friends are few and far between these days.

Democrats are increasingly discussing replacing him in 2024 after a disastrous start to his Presidency.

The corporate-controlled media served as the biggest cheerleaders for Biden during his Presidential run and for most of his Presidency.

They dutifully ran cover on his frequent lies and failures to try and prop up his failing regime.

But CNN just turned on President Biden with an astonishing move.

CNN’s new executives appear to be shaking things up and the White House is furious

The network’s “fact-checkers” eviscerated him for a series of lies he told during the run up to the Midterm elections.

CNN reporter Daniel Dale corrected Biden on nine different false claims he told about corporate taxes, the Trump tax cuts, the debt and the deficit, the unemployment rate, his student loan giveaway, gas prices, his relationship with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, and two lies about Social Security.

After years of running cover for Joe Biden, CNN is finally calling out his parade of lies.

In a once unthinkable move, the fact-checkers at CNN completely dismantled Biden’s lies one by one for their audience.

The most shocking correction came on the Trump tax cuts, which have long been smeared by CNN and the Left as a “tax cut for the rich.”

Biden falsely claimed that the Trump tax cut “affected only the top 1% of the American public,” but CNN pointed out that the majority of taxpayers received a tax cut under the plan.

CNN reversing course on its treatment of Biden is a sign that they’re done with him.

This is another signal that the corporate-controlled media is trying to pull the plug on Biden for the 2024 Presidential election.

The New York Times and Washington Post recently ran stories advocating for someone other than Joe Biden in 2024.

Democrats know Biden’s old age, his rapidly declining mental faculties, and his dismal approval ratings will be a major problem for voters in two years.

With the economy headed into a devastating recession, the Left is trying to wipe the slate clean for Democrats in the 2024 Presidential election.

And Joe Biden is short on allies as he considers seeking a second term for President.

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