Joe Biden blew a gasket after receiving a bit of bad news that could seal the deal for his re-election campaign

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Democrats are desperate to convince working-class Americans to ignore the economic reality they experience firsthand every day and blindly accept their “Bidenomics” narrative.

They know that unless a majority of voters believe their lies, their chances of winning in 2024 will be severely diminished.

But Joe Biden blew a gasket after receiving a bit of bad news that could seal the deal for his re-election campaign.

Joe Biden has done little to curb the rise of inflation

When former President Donald Trump left office in 2021, the United States’ inflation rate was less than 2%, but it did not take long for President Joe Biden to mess everything up. 

Just a few months after taking office, inflation skyrocketed to almost 10% – a level of inflation that is nearly double the nation’s highest inflation rates this century.

According to federal officials, the current rate of inflation is nearly 6%, prompting Biden and his campaign to celebrate. 

However, these government-controlled – and significantly manipulated – figures do not tell the whole story.

For example, the average prices of essential services and goods such as rent and insurance shot up .6% in January alone, causing significant financial strain for millions of working class Americans. 

Economic experts refer to this as “super-core” inflation, which often does not appear in the statistics that Biden and his campaign team tout. 

“U.S. prices picked up in January amid strong gains in the costs of services, but the annual increase in inflation was the smallest in three years, keeping a mid-year interest rate cut from the Federal Reserve on the table,” The New York Post reported.

“Thursday’s report from the Commerce Department, which is the Fed prefers over the CPI index, also showed consumer spending slowed last month, restrained by decreases in outlays on goods, including motor vehicles, furniture and other long-lasting household equipment,” The report added. “But with services prices increasing a solid 0.6% last month, likely as businesses raised prices at the start of the year, the timing of the first Fed rate cut remains uncertain.”

As The New York Post explained, this increase in super-core inflation did not come as a surprise to many economists, however, it does not back up Biden’s claims that inflation is decreasing on his watch. 

Although the official inflation has decreased slightly from its peak, many Americans have found the prices of groceries, insurance, rent, and other items skyrocketing. 

Biden puts his political aspirations above the best interests of the nation

Throughout Biden’s lengthy political career, many of his critics have claimed that he has repeatedly put the best interest of his constituents behind his own self-interests. 

After all, operating as a creature of the Washington, D.C. “Swamp” for nearly 60 years requires a lot of wheeling and dealing, which often comes at the expense of the American public. 

As far as the economy is concerned, many voters have expressed outrage over Joe Biden’s misleading claims about the economy. 

However, his approval ratings are as low as ever, and Donald Trump has soared in the polls, showing that many Americans are getting sick and tired of the 81-year-old President. 

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