Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are furious over what they see Democrats doing for 2024

Only a year after they got their guy in office, Democrats are exhausted from trying to pretend Team Biden/Harris isn’t a total train wreck.

But even the most radical leftists must realize that having a man who could hide his own Easter eggs holding the most powerful political office in the world is a terrible idea.

And Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are furious over what they see Democrats doing for 2024.

According to a recent Politico story, the pair most likely to give Biden/Harris a run for their money is former Bernie Sanders campaign co-chair Nina Turner and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

If ever a piece of writing warranted a “trigger warning” that last sentence fits the bill.

But it looks like a possibility every conservative is going to get slapped in the face sooner or later.

The author of the Politico piece claims that last year leftists thought Joe Biden was going to be “the next FDR,” but now “liberals are talking about treating him like former President Jimmy Carter instead – and mapping out a Democratic primary challenge in 2024.”

Prominent Democrats are now saying there’s no doubt Biden will be challenged.

“He’s deeply unpopular. He’s old as shit. He’s largely been ineffective, unless we’re counting judges or whatever the hell inside-baseball scorecard we’re using. And I think he’ll probably get demolished in the midterms,” Corbin Trent, co-founder of the progressive No Excuses PAC and former communications director for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, told Politico. “People will smell opportunity, and D.C. is filled with people who want to be president.”

Whatever happened to the people who were telling us we needed to take their hot-mess candidate seriously when conservatives questioned whether voters actually elected a man who doesn’t know what he’s saying in the middle of any given sentence?

No doubt, for the sake of humanity, we all hoped Democrats would come to their senses and realize a vote for Harris/Biden was beneath them.

Unfortunately, instead of correcting course, it looks like leftists are committed to driving this bus off a cliff by choosing increasingly radical – and clueless – candidates.

We can only hope the disastrous year we just survived is causing more Americans to wake up and realize they have zero interest in giving more power to a Party apparently committed to destroying everything the United States has to offer.

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