Joe Biden and his lackeys went bananas after The Washington Post shockingly called out the regime’s anti-Republican propaganda

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For years Democrats have enjoyed the significant political advantage of having virtually the entire mainstream media on its side pushing whatever propaganda talking points they spout.

As a result they never saw this betrayal from one of their biggest media allies coming.

And Joe Biden and his lackeys went bananas after The Washington Post shockingly called out the regime’s anti-Republican propaganda.

In a blistering rebuke, The Washington Post recently dealt a blow to the Biden regime, slapping them with three “Pinocchios” over claims implicating Republican lawmakers in the ongoing Biden border crisis.

The fact-check, led by The Post’s blatantly left-wing “fact-checker” Glenn Kessler, dismantled assertions made by Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates. 

The outlet called the Biden regime’s statements a “spin,” and maintains that the White House is exaggerating the narrative, or maybe even downright lying, so that the narrative fits their agenda.

Kessler took aim at the Biden regime’s repeated statements that House Republicans voted last May to “eliminate 2,000 Border Patrol agents.” 

Kessler clarified that the claim is not rooted in an actual vote on the Homeland Security budget, but is instead a White House estimate on the impact of a bill passed by the House in 2023. 

This bill, known as the Limit, Save, Grow Act, is described by Kessler as “vague legislation” lacking specificity on spending cuts.

“The White House assumed that required a 22 percent reduction in spending across all other agencies, such as Homeland Security,” Kessler wrote. “As a result, the administration calculated, the size of the Border Patrol would need to be slashed by 2,000 through layoffs, attrition, and furloughs to meet the 22 percent target.”

Kessler pointed out that in reality, the House passed an appropriations bill that funded an additional 1,795 Border Patrol agents in September, contradicting the Biden regime’s narrative. 

He also highlighted the Biden White House’s decision to overlook an actual spending bill vote, and instead focus on a vague bill’s potential impact, deeming it a “classic Washington game to misleadingly cite a lawmaker’s past votes.”

Spinning the narrative is par for the course for President Biden and his lackeys, but this time, they’ve apparently gone so far that even their biggest media allies can’t back them up.

In his report for The Washington Post, Kessler concluded that the Biden regime’s narrative is simply a classic case of outright propaganda.

“White House officials suggest the original bill still represents House Republican aspirations,” Kessler wrote. “House Republicans once may have backed a tough budget plan but they never cast a vote that specified they would cut 2,000 Border Patrol agents; instead, they have voted to increase the total by nearly 2,000. That’s spin worthy of Three Pinocchios.”

Despite the facts laid out by The Post, the Biden regime is doubling down on its claims. 

In response to The Washington Post‘s assessment, Bates told Fox News that “House Republicans just passed a bill to… usher in the largest spending cuts in American history,” asserting that such cuts would have cost over 2,000 Border Patrol agents their jobs. 

He accused House Republicans of blocking additional border security funding, emphasizing the urgency stressed by President Biden since August – even though the Biden border crisis has been raging for years.

The fact that Democrats’ media allies are now exposing the Biden regime’s lies underscores the escalating tension between the regime and Americans from all walks of life.

The Washington Post’s report proves the need for transparency in the media as Americans need to know the truth behind what’s happening in Washington, D.C.

Time and time again, the Biden regime has proven that we can’t take them at their word. 

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