Joe Biden allegedly made one jaw-dropping statement after Mike Johnson drew this line in the sand on the Biden border crisis

Screenshot via YouTube, CSPAN

The southern border remains in a state of unmitigated crisis. 

Joe Biden refuses to admit as much causing deep divisions in Washington, D.C. and the entire nation for that matter. 

And Joe Biden allegedly made one jaw-dropping state after Mike Johnson drew this line in the sand on the Biden border crisis.

Illegal immigration reaches a boiling point with this deadline looming

Gridlock has become the norm in Washington, D.C. over the years, meaning that nearly every January comes with drama surrounding the budget deadline. 

Although the Senate has agreed on a stopgap-funding bill, a more permanent budget solution is needed to prevent a government shutdown down the road. 

This year, the major issue that threatens a bipartisan agreement over the budget is the border crisis, which many Democrats fail to acknowledge. 

Last Wednesday, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) spoke out about a recent conversation with President Joe Biden, in which he claims to have reaffirmed his desire to secure the border.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News’ The Ingram Angle, Speaker Johnson said that he “told the President, I looked right across the table from him in the Cabinet officials room, and I said: ‘Mr. President, you have the authority right now to end this catastrophe. It’s your actions that created it.’” 

“‘In fact, Mr. President,’ I told him in the meeting today, ‘we have documented 64 instances of you taking executive actions in your agencies that created this catastrophe. Mr. President, it’s on you to unwind it. We don’t need new laws. You could do it right now,’” he added.

Biden allegedly replied, “we’re ready to do big things on the border,” leaving Speaker Johnson shocked.

However, President Biden did not expand on these claims that he was ready to take major action at the border. 

As of Thursday, no plans have emerged from the White House to take any meaningful action at the southern border, which remains practically wide open. 

Things have gotten so bad at the southern border that the state of Texas has been forced to take matters into its own hands, using state agents and other resources to keep a lid on the amount of illegal aliens flooding into America.

As far as Congressional Democrats are concerned, 14 House Democrats recently voted to rebuke Biden for his handling of the border crisis, ratcheting up pressure on the White House to act.

Joe Biden faces pressure from both parties

Public policy experts agree that Biden has done little to nothing to secure the border.

As a result, many American cities have become overrun with illegal aliens, causing widespread outrage and bipartisan pressure to secure the border.

With a budget crisis looming, not to mention the highly anticipated 2024 election, the pressure will only increase against Joe Biden to secure the border. 

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