Jimmy Hoffa Jr. is jumping for joy after he received this groundbreaking news

Photo by Rob Jacob, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Over the decades America’s rust belt developed as a direct result of greed and corruption amongst union brass.

In states like Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania countless businesses were forced to relocate much of their manufacturing operations overseas due to the crushing demands of Big Labor. 

But now Jimmy Hoffa Jr. is jumping for joy after he received this groundbreaking news. 

Michigan just eliminated its regional economic advantage

As it stands, Right to Work legislation has been passed in 27 states across the nation.

Right to Work laws simply states that no worker can be forced to pay union dues to a union boss in order to get or keep a job.

In 2012, Michigan voted to become a Right to Work state, and seemingly overnight, that state saw an economic boom.

As a result of Michigan’s Right to Work legislation, wages went up and businesses from around the world chose to open operations in Michigan. 

Despite all of the positive results, though, Democrats hate Right to Work because it ultimately defunds their political machine that’s funded by union dues workers are forced to pay simply to put food on the table.

Allowing workers to choose who represents them lowers the amount that union bosses have to spend on Democrat political schemes.

For this reason, the Democrat-controlled Michigan state House voted to repeal Right to Work last week, and the Michigan Senate followed suit shortly thereafter.

The Michigan state House now has to approve the new language before it lands on the desk of Michigan’s  radical left-wing Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who will almost certainly sign it into law.

If Michigan Democrats succeed in repealing the legislation, it would be the first Right to Work legislation in the nation to be formally repealed by a state legislature.

Across Michigan – and the nation, for that matter – business owners are outraged over Democrats’ despicable move. 

Banks are failing by the day, the Federal Reserve continues to increase interest rates, and inflation remains sky-high, and eliminating economically sensible laws, like Right to Work, only adds fuel to the fire. 

Unions, most notably the United Automobile Workers union, have completely destroyed Michigan in recent decades, and this move will only make things worse. 

In fact, the past two presidents of the UAW – and a number of their underlings – were arrested on corruption charges after using union dues to pay for vacation homes, sports cars, and even alimony payments. 

Now that Michigan workers have no choice in whether they join a union or not, these corrupt officials will have way more cash to play with and fund their left-wing political projects. 

Right to Work legislation is just common sense

The difference between Right to Work states and non-Right to Work states is undeniably night and day. 

In Right to Work states, like North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Texas, business is booming, and jobs are being created on a daily basis. 

Meanwhile, in states where Democrat ruling class elites force workers to join unions, like California, New York, and New Jersey, jobs are leaving the states by the thousands. 

Best of all, Right to Work legislation does not cost taxpayers a single penny. 

Michigan’s repeal of Right to Work is nothing more than a shameful political stunt that will cause long-lasting damage to Michigan, Michigan businesses, and Michigan workers. 

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