Jim Jordan wants to know why the IRS is jamming up an unsympathetic journalist

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Conservatives have long maintained that various government agencies have been weaponized against anyone who isn’t brainwashed by the radical Left.

Given countless examples in recent years it has become difficult to refute these claims.

Now, Jim Jordan wants to know why the IRS is jamming up an unsympathetic journalist.

News reports have surfaced that an IRS agent allegedly made an in-person visit to the New Jersey home of investigative journalist Matt Taibbi.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is now looking for answers as to why, and is suggesting possible witness intimidation.

The IRS’ visit to Taibbi’s New Jersey home took place on March 9, which was the same day the journalist appeared before Congress to testify on government abuse.

In a letter to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, the House Judiciary Committee Chairman requested all documents and communications relating to that visit.

“In light of the hostile reaction to Mr. Taibbi’s reporting among left-wing activists, and the IRS’s history as a tool of government abuse, the IRS’s action could be interpreted as an attempt to intimidate a witness before Congress,” Jordan wrote.

“The circumstances surrounding the IRS’s unannounced and unprompted visit to Mr. Taibbi’s home, at the exact time that he was testifying to Congress about ‘the most serious’ government abuse he has witnessed in his career as a journalist, are incredible,” Jordan continued. “The IRS’s visit is all the more concerning in light of Mr. Taibbi’s assertions that the IRS informed him the problems were not ‘monetary’ and he had never received any prior indication of any issues with his 2018 return. These facts demand a careful examination by the Committee to determine whether the visit was a thinly-veiled attempt to influence or intimidate a witness before Congress.”

Taibbi tweeted, “For those asking, I don’t want to comment on the IRS issue pending an answer to chairman @Jim_Jordan’s letter. I’m not worried for myself, but I did feel the Committee should be aware of the situation.”

This is only the latest instance of weaponization of the IRS.

In 2013, the IRS revealed that it had selected political groups applying for tax-exempt status for closer scrutiny based on their names or political themes. 

This led to wide condemnation of the agency and triggered several investigations. 

Reports indicated that the IRS nearly exclusively targeted conservative groups with terms such as “Tea Party” in their names.

At the March 9 hearing, Taibbi discussed evidence that the federal government had pressured tech companies to censor content. 

Taibbi’s reporting referenced correspondence between federal officials and social media executives that included requests to remove content from platforms.

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