Jim Caviezel revealed the divine inspiration that drove him to ensure Sound of Freedom was seen worldwide with one moving sentence

Photo by Nathan Engel from Pexels

Hollywood elites have long been out of touch with the real world leading them to inject woke extremism into their films while completely alienating most every working class American.

That has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by the box office hit Sound of Freedom.

And now Jim Caviezel revealed the divine inspiration that drove him to ensure Sound of Freedom was seen worldwide with one moving sentence.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) recently hosted a screening of the new blockbuster hit Sound of Freedom in Washington, D.C.

The star of the film, Jim Caviezel, and the man whose real life heroics – quitting his job with the Department of Homeland security in order to actually save thousands of children from sex-trafficking from South America to the United States – the film is based on, Tim Ballard, were both in attendance for the screening.

Caviezel and Ballard spoke with McCarthy at a reception just before Tuesday’s screening, which was part of the Speaker’s ongoing series of movie nights intended to bridge the partisan divide in Congress – as if that’ll ever happen.

“I felt a calling…”

When asked what he hopes audiences will take away from the anti-child trafficking movie, Caviezel said, “When God tells you to do something, you don’t hesitate.”

As far as Ballard is concerned, there is a very simple explanation for the film’s success.

“The people are tired of just being entertained,” Ballard explained. “They want to have purpose to what they’re looking at and watching. I think God’s touched millions of hearts to wake up and they’ve used this amazing film to do that.”

The film’s unprecedented success at the box office has also completely shocked the Hollywood establishment, and left them kicking themselves over the fact that virtually every single studio, including Netflix, Amazon, and Disney, all passed on the film out of fear they’d lose money.

The independently produced and distributed film has become an undeniable smash hit, grossing more than $127 million at the box office as of Tuesday.

The relatively low-budget film has outpaced Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny, as well as Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One to take the top spot of the box office charts in July.

And keep in mind, Sound of Freedom has had all of its success in spite of the fact that it has yet to premier outside the U.S., as most every other movie that generates such revenue typically does.

That is, until now, as the movie is going global.

Angel Studios – the independent studio that ultimately stepped up to fund the movie’s distribution with $5 million put up by roughly 7,200 of the company’s crowd-sourced investors – has announced that Sound of Freedom is receiving an international rollout.

The company expects the international release to happen by the end of August, with theaters in Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Argentina, and Ecuador all set to show the film.

A Presidential Thumbs-Up

The film’s success has resulted in attacks from Democrats’ allies in the media, who first boycotted the movie and then began falsely and baselessly smearing it as a so-called “QAnon conspiracy.”

Former President Donald Trump hosted a special screening of Sound of Freedom last week, and by all accounts was moved by it.

Trump later called for the death penalty for human traffickers, saying he will “defend the dignity of human life” should he be re-elected President in 2024.

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