Jeopardy! will never be the same after this stay-at-home mom turned in one of the show’s most disgusting performances ever!_game_board_US.svg, Kinu Panda, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes it’s best not to court attention for yourself.

Unfortunately some have to learn such lessons the hard way.

And now Jeopardy! will never be the same after this stay-at-home mom turned in one of the show’s most disgusting performances ever.

The Internet is forever

Parents are always trying to pass on lessons to their kids to help them navigate life.

And each generation has their own unique advice to pass on. 

For example, in the 21st century, it’s crucial for kids to understand that what they post online – even if they delete it later – stays online.

Once it’s out for the world to see, there is no taking it back. 

As you can imagine, the thought of a child ruining their lives with some juvenile and stupid picture or video on social media is haunting to parents. 

But what happens if a parent becomes a viral sensation for being an idiot in their own right?

One mom is living this nightmare after what she did on Jeopardy!

One of the worst performances. . . ever

Erin Buker, a stay-at-home mom from California, went on Jeopardy! earlier this week and dropped one of the worst performances ever seen on the gameshow. 

During the course of the game, Buker was buzzing in early and missed nearly every question. 

But this mom took having a bad night on Jeopardy! to a totally new level. 

By the end of the game, Buker was not only trailing her competition, but also $7,200 in the hole.

To put her dismal performance into perspective, the worst performance in the history of Jeopardy! was negative $7,400 from back in July 2021. 

So she was just one wrong answer away from having the worst performance in the 60 years of the game show. 

After her horrible performance was aired for millions to watch, Buker went on the Reddit Jeopardy! page to explain why she sucked so bad. 

She posted, “It was a day to forget for Erin indeed! Unfortunately, they taped what little I was able to forget about it. :)”

“When it came to the buzzer, I was my own worst enemy, frequently buzzing in midway through the clue as if my thumb had a mind of its own,” she added. “There’s something uniquely frustrating about knowing answers, but not having the wherewithal to ring in.

But, overall, Buker considered her embarrassing performance “a great experience.”

Of course, one doesn’t typically get embarrassed in front of millions of people, get roasted online for days after, and still come out on the other end thinking it was all a great time. 

Hopefully, she can recover her reputation before her kids get bullied for their mom going viral for being one of the worst contestants in game show history. 

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