Jay Cutler’s ex-wife just left everyone speechless after she revealed the bodily harm the marriage inflicted on her

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Everyone knew that Jay Cutler’s marriage didn’t go as planned.

But no one saw this coming.

And now Jay Cutler’s ex-wife just left everyone speechless after she revealed the bodily harm the marriage inflicted on her.

Divorce is becoming the norm

In its best state, nothing is better for a family and society than a good marriage. 

Our society is built off the backs of family units with a husband and a wife with their children. 

This has been the case for thousands of years of human civilization.

But like nearly everything else in society, marriages are falling apart.

Divorces used to be rare and frowned upon in our society.

Just look at the statistics. 

Back in 1950, the divorce rate per 1,000 people in the United States was 2.6. 

In 2022, the divorce rate in the United States averaged out to 14.56 per 1,000 people. 

Odds are we all know someone who has been through a divorce, and likely know someone who went through a contentious divorce.

And that is exactly what former Chicago Bears star quarterback Jay Cutler is living through.

“Skin and bones”

In April 2020, Cutler and his then-wife, reality TV star Kristin Cavallari, announced to the world that they were getting a divorce. 

And the media could not get enough of this divorce as both are celebrities.

Everything in the divorce was going relatively smoothly until Cavallari took advantage of the publicity, and made countless accusations against Cutler that she claimed led to the divorce. 

For instance, Cavallari has claimed that the former NFL quarterback somehow kept financial resources from her during their marriage, even though she was a millionaire in her own right.

Now, the mother of Cutler’s three children is claiming that she was “so unhappy and so stressed out” during the marriage that she lost a significant amount of weight, even though she was always thin to begin with.

On her podcast, Let’s Be Honest, Cavallari opened up about why she was so skinny while she was married. 

“I was very thin. I’ll put it in perspective for you guys. I’m 5’3”. I currently weigh 114 pounds. Filming ‘Very Cavallari,’ I got down to 102. and I was eating the same amount of food that I’m eating now,” Cavallari claimed.

She shockingly continued by adding, “The difference was I was so unhappy and so stressed out. I look back at photos from that time period and I am like, ‘Holy s–t!’ I was rail f–king thin. I was skin and bones. I looked like s–t.”

But her fans are relieved to know that she is doing better.

“I think I look so much better now,” she said. “And you guys, that was just stress. That was being in a really unhappy marriage, quite honestly. Literally, I was so unhappy and I had way too much on my plate.”

No matter the reality of the situation, the fact that the ex-wife is blabbing about everything about the marriage is enough to make you want to pull for Jay Cutler. 

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