Jaws hit the floor after Nancy Pelosi made the humiliating mistake of calling Hillary Clinton one word

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Politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein have been in office for so long now that they operate much like robots. 

Everything they say is so carefully orchestrated without any room for personal expression or error. 

But jaws hit the floor after Nancy Pelosi made the humiliating mistake of calling Hillary Clinton one word.

Democrats are still not over Donald Trump impressive 2016 electoral victory

A simple glance at the news will tell you that Democrats are still furious over former President Donald Trump’s upset victory in 2016. 

Every left-wing pundit believed Hillary Clinton was a shoe-in to be President, only to find out that working class Americans despise Clinton, and her radical entourage. 

The Left’s refusal to admit that Trump won in 2016 not only shows their unwillingness to support American democracy, but also exposes their contempt for a free system that doesn’t exclusively give total control over every aspect of civilization to a singular ruling class.

During a recent conference hosted by Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, guest speakers Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Hillary Clinton spoke on a number of issues. 

At the speaking engagement, Clinton began her discussion with Rep. Pelosi by asking about the Left’s claim that democracies across the world, not just in the U.S., are “backsliding” as the result of a supposed “concerted effort to undermine” democracy.

“Let’s start with this little matter of democracy, because I think you and I believe that it’s not just in our country, but that’s where we see it most clearly, there is a concerted effort to undermine some of the very foundations of democratic governance, of a democratic society,” Clinton said to Pelosi.

“There’s research, some of it done by SIPA in this university, showing that half the world’s democracies are backsliding, and that includes, sadly, the United States,” the former First Lady added. “So, what do you, Nancy, view as the biggest threats and challenges facing our democracy and what are the opportunities to try to stop that backsliding and turn it around?”

“Well, I appreciate that question,” Pelosi replied, before adding, “but I also appreciate your leadership in this regard when President –”

Instead of rolling with yet another of her many gaffes, the 81-year-old Pelosi dramatically threw her hands up and made an absolute scene over the fact that she called a twice-failed Presidential candidate “President.”

“But when Secretary Clinton was in the Senate and First Lady, but especially as Secretary of State in more recent time – she has been and at that time implemented many things showing America’s support for democracy,” Pelosi finally said.

Although this mistake by Rep. Pelosi is relatively minor, it shows just how angry the radical Left is over Clinton’s defeat. 

It is also impossible to ignore the fact that Clinton and Pelosi decried the state of democracy in America, without recognizing that Trump won in 2016 fair and square. 


The Left loves democracy until they lose free and fair elections

All Democrats ever talk about is how American democracy is under attack from Trump and Republicans.

Yet, many Democrats, like Pelosi and Clinton, have refused to admit Trump won in 2016, call him an “illegitimate President” to this day, and many even voted not to certify the election’s results over claims he “stole” the race, which Democrats have claimed is tantamount to attempting to overthrow the U.S. government when Republicans have done the same.

That is because the Left only likes democracy when it serves their cause. 

Democracy is more than counting up votes – democracy is about allowing an open space for dialogue, something the Left fundamentally opposes. 

Democrats and their anti-free speech rhetoric pose a monumental threat to American democracy, not Donald Trump and the tens of millions of freedom-loving Americans who voted for him. 

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