Japan’s latest UFO revelation has the U.S. government scrambling to cover its bases

George Stockderivative work: thumperward, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The U.S. government spent decades and an untold sum of taxpayer dollars working to discredit the UFO phenomenon.

Now they’ve suddenly decided to completely reverse course.

And Japan’s latest UFO revelation has the U.S. government scrambling to cover its bases.

The tide is changing on UFOs

For decades now, the ruling class elites and their media allies have repeatedly told the working class that UFOs and other such phenomena were nothing more than “conspiracy theories.”

They worked tirelessly to convince people that we are totally alone in the universe, spending hundreds of millions if not billions of taxpayer dollars on discrediting not only any such UFO claims, but also those who even entertained the possibility of their truth.

Some who simply came forward to share what they saw or experienced firsthand were so viciously attacked by the elites and media, they lost their livelihood and have been ostracized from society.

But strangely, the U.S. government has made the decision in recent years to completely reverse course, suddenly admitting that they’ve been running a massive cover-up for decades – at least.

Now, the ruling class elites are openly discussing the fact that there very much are strange, unexplained things flying overhead, and even within the ocean and other large bodies of water, that appear to behave in ways that suggest they’re utilizing technology that is seemingly breaking the laws of physics.

Of course, many are rightly skeptical, though, that the government has merely begun to claim UFOs and UAPs are real as a massive smokescreen to cover up other worldly technology – aka weapons – they’ve developed with tax dollars funneled into the Deep State’s black budget.

Regardless of whether the phenomena is real or a government smokescreen, the fact that something has changed behind the scenes for the American ruling class elite to suddenly put so much attention on it.

And now, another major NATO ally is taking the threat of UFOs seriously. 

UFOs in Japan?

Like Americans, the Japanese people have spent years demanding that their government look into UFO sightings.

The country has experienced numerous high-profile UFO sightings and encounters, leading to a large UFO community within Japan.

One of the most famous sightings in the world is the Japan Airlines cargo flight 1628 sighting, in which a Japanese flight crew supposedly saw three UFOs on a flight over Alaska. 

Both the United States and Japanese governments did everything they could to discredit the sighting once it hit the news. 

But now, the Japanese government is taking an unprecedented step in investigating and legitimizing UFO sightings as the government has formed a task force called the “The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Clarification League for Security-Oriented National Security” to assess sightings and their risks to Japan. 

When talking about the new task force, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi told the media that “it’s stipulated that every effort should be made to report and analyze any unidentifiable objects in the air that may affect the defense and security of Japan.”

Only time will tell if anything comes from this group, but if you believe in UFOs, this is a step in the right direction to validate what people have been seeing for decades. 

Is the U.S. government using UFOs to cover up their own technology?