Janet Yellen hung her head in shame after this shockingly dubious scheme was revealed

Photo by Federal Reserve, Public Domain via Flickr

Tax day is just around the corner and all across the nation working-class Americans are forking over thousands of their hard-earned dollars to fund Joe Biden’s extreme left-wing agenda. 

But Joe Biden and his regime are keeping their cards very close to their chest in order to avoid public outrage over their tax-and-spend agenda. 

And now Janet Yellen is hanging her head in shame after this dubious scheme is revealed.

Brace for this Biden-orchestrated plot

Last year, President Joe Biden signed into law Democrats laughably named “Inflation Reduction Act,” which authorized the hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents. 

At first, the purpose of this army of new IRS officials was unclear, however, now that tax season is imminent, their purpose is becoming much more obvious. 

President Joe Biden and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will almost certainly use these agents to audit more working class Americans than ever before, including thousands upon thousands of families struggling from paycheck to paycheck.

Last Thursday on CNBC’s Last Call, host Brian Sullivan echoed these concerns when he claimed, “I know there’s been a lot of media that’s been like, they’re going to hire 87,000 agents, no, they’re not. But it doesn’t seem possible that there’s no way this doesn’t also raise audits on middle-class people.”

“Absolutely,” Sullivan’s guest, Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY), replied. “Secretary Yellen came before our Ways and Means Committee last month, and she basically said that the percentage would remain the same across the board. And that means that 90% of the audits will be for those under $400,000 a year.” 

“So, that is really what we’ve been saying all along, that this was going to increase the audits for the middle class,” Sullivan added. “And President Biden keeps talking about those earning over $400,000, but the fact is, it’s 90% that [are] below 400,000 that are being audited.” 

But what he said next is bound to send President Biden into panic mode. 

“Now, he’s trying to basically pay down our debt by shaking down the middle class, really trying to find every single penny that he possibly can from hard-working Americans,” Rep. Malliotakis concluded.

Biden’s beefed-up IRS reminds many Americans of former President Barack Obama’s IRS, which infamously targeted taxpayers with a history of conservative campaign contributions, as well as Right-leaning issue advocacy groups. 

Joe Biden is going to have a lot of explaining to do when audit requests land in the mailboxes of working class Americans

Every day the American economy shows further signs of weakening, yet President Biden and his Democrat cohorts are determined to punish working class Americans. 

Biden and Democrats’ entire agenda relies on taxing working class Americans and corporations in order to fund their extremist “woke” agenda.

The last thing Americans want is an even more bloated federal government, which is exactly what they are getting with Joe Biden. 

In the coming months, Americans across the nation should expect audit requests from the IRS, regardless of their income level.

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