Iran’s Supreme Leader is grinning from ear-to-ear after Joe Biden recycled one of Barack Obama’s biggest failures

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No one will ever forget how Barack Obama bent over backwards for Iran during his Presidency.

Donald Trump took a different tone with the pariah nation and ripped up the infamous Iran deal.

And now Iran’s Supreme Leader is grinning from ear-to-ear after Joe Biden recycled one of Barack Obama’s biggest failures.

Biden strikes a deal that is remarkably similar to Obama’s infamous Iran deal

Near the end of his term, then-President Barack Obama infamously sent a plane filled with $400 million in cash to Iran.

Of course, that was just a down payment on the $1.7 billion that had been settled on at an international tribunal at The Hague.

Coincidentally, Iran released a prisoner shortly after.

Many people in the United States condemned the action by Obama and said that he was emboldening a state sponsor of terrorism.

Then-Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) slammed the move, saying that “Paying ransom to kidnappers puts Americans even more at risk,” and many agreed.

It appears that Biden is now taking a page out of the Obama playbook on dealing with Iran.

It’s been reported that the Biden regime just brokered a major deal with the Iranian government that conservatives are again likening to paying a ransom to kidnappers, but Biden’s move is much more egregious.

The concessions that Biden made to Iran on this deal are enormous and utterly insane.

Iran has requested $6 billion in frozen assets be transferred from South Korea to Qatar

According to Reuters, “Iran may free five detained U.S. citizens as part of a deal” that was negotiated last week.

The use of the word “may” is deliberate, as all that the Iranian government has promised so far is to move them out of Tehran’s Evin prison, and into home confinement in Iran.

As part of the deal, some $6 billion will be unfrozen in South Korea and transferred to Qatar.

The United States has also promised to release Iranian prisoners that are being held in the United States.

According to sources, if America upholds its end of the deal, Iran will allow the prisoners to leave the country.

Biden Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that he believes this is the “beginning of the end” of these prisoners’ nightmare, but “there’s more work to be done to actually bring them home.”

This would also be a sign of major de-escalation between the Iranian government and the United States.

But the prisoners aren’t out of the situation just yet.

Blinken tries to assuage Republican concerns over the deal while prisoners wait and see

Reuters reports that the exchange wouldn’t be possible until the full transfer of the $6 billion in frozen assets.

That means that the prisoners won’t likely be freed until September at the earliest.

Authorities are figuring out how they can ensure the money isn’t being used for anything except humanitarian activities.

Republicans have criticized the move by Biden, saying that this is effectively the same deal that Obama struck with the regime in 2016.

There’s a lot of concern that the Iranian government will use the money to build up their military, alliances across the Middle East, or even their nuclear weapons program.

Blinken said that Biden has already considered this, and that the U.S. government “will continue to enforce all of our sanctions.”

“We will continue to push back resolutely against Iran’s destabilizing activities in the region and beyond,” he added. “None of these efforts take away from that.”

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