IMPEACHMENT UPDATE: Sean Hannity makes a shocking prediction

A new Republican majority will take power in January.

The implications are massive for Joe Biden.

And Sean Hannity made this shocking impeachment prediction.

In a phone interview with former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity predicted that the GOP majority will eventually impeach Joe Biden over his involvement in Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals.

Hannity listed off a number of culture war flashpoint fights where he correctly predicted the outcome as evidence people should listen to him.

“There’s a reason that I was right on Ferguson, a reason I was right on Freddie Gray in Baltimore, [the University of Virginia], Duke Lacrosse,” Hannity told O’Reilly. “Down in Florida, the Trayvon Martin case – George Zimmerman case – a reason that I was right on Richard Jewell.”

Hannity said the evidence was clear that Joe Biden lied about never talking business with Hunter.

And Hannity also said it was clear that the Biden family benefited from Hunter’s foreign business ventures.

What Hannity said Republicans needed to dig up was evidence that the money flowing in from countries like Ukraine and Communist China influenced Joe Biden’s political decision making.

“But when you look at this evidence, it seems overwhelming where this is going. I don’t have the answer whether or not the money has influenced Joe Biden’s political decisions, but we do know for sure that Joe Biden lied about talking with his son about these business dealings, and that he was up to his eyeballs in it. Way more than he ever indicated,” Hannity added.

The most famous example was an email on Hunter Biden’s laptop about holding “ten percent for the big guy” in a deal involving an energy company in Communist China.

Biden family whistleblower Tony Bobulinski told Tucker Carlson during an interview in October of 2020 that Communist China compromised Joe Biden through these business arrangements with Hunter.

And so far, Biden’s weak response to the anti-COVID protests against the Communist Chinese Party confirm these suspicions.

That reality is why Hannity is predicting that the Republican majority will pull the trigger on an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden at some point.

“It could be down the road of impeachment,” Hannity stated. “That’s my prediction for the year.”

An impeachment inquiry will not happen overnight.

But there is a strong likelihood that Hannity’s forecast will prove correct.

Should Republicans impeach Joe Biden?