Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed a law stripping Illinoisans of this cherished Constitutional right

The state of Illinois is nationally known as the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and for its high crime, high taxes, and leftist social policies.

Under current Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker, they’ve only become even more radical and tyrannical.

And now Pritzker signed a law stripping Illinoisans of this cherished Constitutional right.

Pritzker delivers “one of the strongest assault weapons bans in the nation”

The radical Governor of Illinois, J.B. Pritzker just signed a bill that he says is “one of the strongest assault weapons bans in the nation.” 

In a dramatic statement, Pritzker said that he had been working on the bill for “a long time” with the Illinois General Assembly. They all agreed that they need to make priority of “getting the most dangerous weapons off of our state’s streets.”

Pritzker ignores the fact that the most dangerous weapon on the streets of Illinois is the criminal who is not in jail due to leftist social policies.

And these criminals by and large use illegal handguns in their crimes, in fact, in 2019 handguns made up 99 percent of all gun-related deaths in Illinois. 

The AR-15, which is often incorrectly conflated with the term “assault rifle” is the most popular hunting rifle in Illinois and all of America.

Illinois Republican promises to “die” before anyone takes his guns

The bill has received strong condemnation from conservatives in Illinois and across the country. 

“We will not comply, and you’re not going to do a darn thing about it,” said Illinois state Republican State Rep. Blaine Wilhour. He says that “the law, the Constitution, and the founding principles” are on the side of freedom loving Americans and Illinoisans.

Former gubernatorial candidate and current state Senator, Darren Bailey posted on Twitter that he would “die on [his] front porch before anyone takes [his] guns away.” He added a warning to the state, “My message to Springfield: If you want my guns, come get them.”

The Illinois State Rifle Associations (ISRA) has warned about the implications of the bill and called it “blatantly illegal.” They have also already promised to sue the state now that it has been signed into law.

Mass registration program will lead to confiscation

The ISRA President Doug Mayhall provided comments to The Epoch Times ahead of the bill’s signing. He told them that the bill’s anti-gun trafficking provisions were a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

Under the provisions, any firearm that an individual already legally possesses must be registered or surrendered. According to Mayhall, “registration always turns into confiscation.”

He also warned about certain red-flag elements in the bill that was passed. It expands the Firearms Restraining Order to give more people the right to report you. It also extends the standard FRO from six months to one year in length.

Mayhall said, “it would change from a family member” being the one who could request an FRO and open it up to “anyone.” He says that means people might start to target people. “If you don’t like my political views, you could unfairly give me a lot of grief,” he said.

Gun Owners of America called the gun registration “vehemently unconstitutional” and encouraged Illinoisans to stand up to the tyranny. In a statement they said, “Banning [guns] will only prevent law-abiding citizens from purchasing the best firearm to defend themselves.”

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