Ilhan Omar’s brilliant idea to “defund the police” backfired and has her constituents up in arms

Crime in the United States is rising at an alarming rate, especially in Democrat-run cities like Minneapolis.

Yet socialist Representative Ilhan Omar continues to support the nonsensical “defund the police” mantra.

But as Omar’s brilliant idea to “defund the police” backfired it now has her constituents up in arms.

Crime data shows a major spike of incidents in Omar’s city

A year ago, Ilhan Omar’s plan to defund and dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department failed.

But crime continues to skyrocket in nine of 14 categories over just the past year. 

It turns out, when you berate and insult the local police department repeatedly, more crime is the result.

Violent crimes including homicide ticked upward in most major U.S. cities after the incident involving George Floyd.

But these crimes are no coincidence – they’re clearly tied to the Democrat-attitude that defunding law enforcement is the answer.

And now, that attitude is starting to backfire with Omar and her ilk’s constituents across the nation.

In Minneapolis specifically, the city saw 96 homicides, just one short of its all-time high back in 1997.

Other crimes like motor vehicle theft and theft/larceny have also gone up over 30% within the past year.

Don’t forget carjackings, destruction of property, burglaries, breaking and entering, and assaults, which are all rising, too.

Failed left-wing logic creates a dangerous precedent and a likely Midterm upset

The idea of the “defund the police” movement is to take funds from local police departments and use them to pay for “community services.”

But this means that there will be fewer resources for existing officers, and fewer law enforcement personnel members overall.

When the number of police goes down, crime numbers inevitably go up, although leftists don’t seem to care.

Omar went even further, attempting to completely dismantle and replace the entire Minneapolis Police Department.

She continued to push the plan, even as crimes of all kinds continue to rise and threaten the safety of her constituents.

Fortunately, the voters of Minneapolis rejected the plan, all while Omar keeps blaming the police for the crime wave.

When the police and justice system are overextended, residents of Minneapolis and other cities are at risk of becoming a victim.

The desire to defund the police almost cost Omar her Congressional seat in last week’s Democrat Primary.

In 2020, she won her primary by 35,000 votes but this year, she barely squeaked by with a margin of less than 3,000.

The “defund the police” movement gets financial backing from a range of left-wing donors, including George Soros’ Open Society Policy Center.

Hopefully, this insane mindset will cost Ilhan Omar her seat, no matter how deep her pockets are lined.

The people of Minneapolis deserve better, as do the citizens in many other cities throughout the United States.

With the recent spike in a variety of crimes, it’s no surprise that these campaigns are backfiring.

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