Ilhan Omar was left in stunned silence after this notorious social justice warrior made a shocking 180 you have to see to believe

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Over the past few years an epidemic of lawlessness has broken out across the country in the wake of the woke left-wing riots Black Lives Matter and Antifa led in the summer of 2020.

Woke extremists worked tirelessly to demonize police officers and force many pro-crime policies into law turning countless Democrat-controlled cities across the nation into literal warzones.

But now Ilhan Omar was left in stunned silence after this notorious social justice warrior made a shocking 180 you have to see to believe.

Even some woke Democrats are waking up to reality

In response to the woke left-wing riots their supporters perpetrated in the summer of 2020, many Democrat lawmakers pushed for – and in some cases, passed – laws that made holding criminals accountable virtually impossible.

Cashless bail, reduced sentences, and even policies that prevent law enforcement from even enforcing certain laws are just a few examples of the sort of policies many Democrat-controlled city and state governments have embraced.

Predictably, chaos has ensued, as many criminals feel emboldened to live a life of crime with little to no fear of facing any consequences for their actions.

Just last Wednesday, an outspoken opponent of the Minneapolis police department was brutally attacked by a gang of violent young street thugs, and at the end of the day, she was left doting on the police who helped her.

Shivanthi Sathanandan, the 2nd Vice Chairwoman for the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, was attacked in front of her children by individuals she described as “four very young men, all carrying guns,” who inflicted very serious injuries to her.

“These men knew what they were doing,” Sathanandan wrote on social media. “I have NO DOUBT they have done this before. Yet they are still on OUR STREETS. Killing mothers. Giving babies psychological trauma that a lifetime of therapy cannot erase. With no hesitation and no remorse.”

“I’m now part of the statistics,” she added. “I wasn’t silent when I fought these men to save my life and my babies, and I won’t be silent now. We need to get illegal guns off of our streets, catch these young people who are running wild creating chaos across our city and HOLD THEM IN CUSTODY AND PROSECUTE THEM. PERIOD.”

Sathanandan then went on to thank first responders, including the very police department woke extremists like herself were previously calling to defund.

“Thank you to the incredible Minneapolis 4th Precinct Officers, Mayor Frey, Chief O’Hara, Paramedics, neighbors, friends and DFL family, who all came to our aide during this terrifying experience,” Sathanandan said. “I’m so grateful for this community that wraps us in love.”

This is a major change in tune from comments she made in 2020, as she trashed police officers and claimed on social media that her and her fellow woke extremists “are going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department. Say it with me. DISMANTLE. The. Minneapolis. Police. Department.”

“As allies, what can we do right now?” she added. “LISTEN and LEARN from our Black siblings. And then AMPLIFY this message right now, in this moment. MPD has systematically failed the Black Community, they have failed ALL OF US. It’s time to build a new infrastructure that works for ALL communities. If you are still disagreeing with that BASIC FACT, I’m not sure what to say to you.”

This attack shows the importance of law enforcement and the damage woke extremist Democrats’ pro-crime policies, such as those Shivanthi Sathanandan promoted, can cause.

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