Ilhan Omar just made such an insanely false environmental extremist claim she may never recover from the humiliation

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One radical Congresswoman has a propensity to get her facts wrong.

But facts mean little to those who garner the support of constituents valuing emotion over reason.

And now Ilhan Omar just made such an insanely false environmental extremist claim she may never recover from the humiliation.

Ilhan Omar, noted climatology expert?

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is facing blowback on social media for a head scratching claim that she made this week.

The left-wing extremist Congresswoman claimed that Earth had broken the record for the hottest day in the last 120,000 years.

Using the tweet to call for President Joe Biden to declare a “climate emergency,” Rep. Omar claimed that the record for hottest day ever was broken on three separate days.

Unfortunately for her, the tweet was met with widespread skepticism, and was flagged by Twitter’s Community Notes feature casting doubt on the claim. 

Local Florida TV station WFLA-TV reported earlier this month that “Earth broke a record for its hottest day in 120,000 years” on concurrent days, citing data from the University of Maine’s Climate Change Institute.

However, the Institute released the data with a stark warning that it was incomplete and “should NOT be taken as ‘official’ observational records.”

That didn’t stop the “Squad” member from effectively using it to claim the sky is falling.

“What was the temperature of the globe at 12pm GMT on July 1st, 116,539 BC?” Former White House adviser Stephen Miller sarcastically responded,

“Is this satire?” Trent Staggs, the current mayor of Riverton, Utah and Republican Utah Senate candidate asked. 

Conservative commentator Greg Price tweeted in response to Omar, “120,000 years ago takes us back to when Neanderthals were just beginning to roam the Earth, who I don’t think were measuring the weather. The first thermometer was invented by Galileo in 1593 and the first modern thermometer in 1714 by Gabriel Fahrenheit. She’s making sh– up.”

Author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza said, “Okay, let’s test this claim. What was the earth’s temperature in July 20,000 years ago? Or 60,000 years ago? Or 119,000 years ago? Please provide evidence to substantiate your answers.”

It’s all a cynical ploy to enact radical policy

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) got to the heart of the matter, and pointed out that claiming there is an “emergency” to address is the “oldest progressive play in the book—all socialism starts out with an ‘emergency.’”

Biden has focused much of his Presidency on ostensibly combating climate change, but has yet to formally declare it a national emergency. 

A climate emergency declaration would enable President Biden to take several regulatory steps not normally authorized to the White House.

This is what many conservatives see as the play here.

Declaring an “emergency” means bypassing Congress – which left-wing extremists are wont to do now that the House is controlled by Republicans – and some Democrats see the COVID pandemic as a blueprint to do just that.

Eventually though, when Republicans regain the White House, those regulatory steps can all be undone in a way that would be harder to accomplish in the case of a law passed by Congress.

For Illhan Omar and her ilk though, left-wing extremism knows no bounds, even if it means shooting oneself in the foot in the process.

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