Hunter Biden’s lawyers made one absurd claim that will fill every working class American with utter rage

Screenshot via Youtube, Jimmy Kimmel Live

The United States’ kangaroo court of a judicial system continues.

But if you thought it couldn’t get much worse just wait until you hear what Hunter Biden’s lawyers are claiming.

And Hunter Biden’s lawyers made one absurd claim that will fill every working class American with utter rage.

A banana republic if you can keep it

The vast majority of Americans do not trust the U.S. judicial system anymore.

They see the courts as nothing but a banana republic institution.

And in all honesty, the only people you will ever find who believe in the judicial system these days are those who are in the judicial system, like lawyers and judges, and those who benefit most from the system, like every ruling class elite.

But you can’t blame people for not trusting the courts anymore.

Just look at what they have done over the past few years.

The courts have targeted hard-working Americans for petty crimes, while gangs are running the streets of Chicago.

Prosecutors are more worried about throwing Trump supporters in jail than they are about throwing drug dealers in jail.

And as a matter of fact, January 6 protesters are rotting in jail right now as the same prosecutors in Washington, D.C. let convicted drug dealers back on the streets all in the name of “social justice.”

And that’s not even looking at what the courts are doing to former President Donald Trump.

Trump has four phony indictments against him.

And he will not receive a fair trial no matter what the facts are, whether it be in Washington, D.C., New York City, or even Fulton County, Georgia.

And his case isn’t getting sent to West Virginia because the courts won’t allow Trump escape their grasp.

But of all the injustices so far, the biggest has been the court’s kid gloves treatment of Hunter Biden.

No matter what he does, he gets a break in the courts.

And now, it seems like the Golden Boy of politics is about to get his biggest break yet.

Who needs the judge’s approval when you are a Biden?

A couple weeks ago, the Hunter Biden plea deal fell apart as even the judge couldn’t stand how blatantly biased and unjust it was to shield President Joe Biden’s son from all crimes or investigations, even those that are still ongoing and could uncover further wrongdoing.

As most every working class American saw it, the Biden regime made sure Hunter is protected from any accountability.

But just to play it safe, Hunter’s attorneys have a back up plan.

They are claiming that the plea deal is still in effect, but just between the prosecutors and Hunter Biden.

Hunter’s attorneys stated in court that the President’s son “intends to abide by the terms of the Diversion Agreement that was executed at the July 26 hearing by the Defendant, his counsel, and the United States.”

In their eyes “the parties have a valid and binding bilateral Diversion Agreement.”

That’s a wild theory by Biden’s team, but don’t be shocked if the prosecution drops the charges against Hunter because of their written and signed agreement.

It would just be another example of America’s kangaroo court system.

Do you trust America’s judicial system?