Hunter Biden’s face turned pale as a ghost after getting this devastating news

The more the American public learns about the Biden family, the more they learn about their alleged criminal enterprises. 

For decades now, the Biden family has sold their influence to the highest bidder regardless of who that bidder might be. 

But Hunter Biden’s face turned pale as a ghost after getting this devastating news. 

The current first family is a national disgrace

Joe Biden has been in elected office for over half a century, and he has made it very clear that he has no intention of leaving Washington, D.C. empty-handed. 

For decades now, Joe Biden has used his positions of power to peddle his influence while making some cash on the side.

And he has allegedly made sure to get the Biden family in on the grift. 

Whether eventually ruled criminal or not, this is corruption, pure and simple.

But the good news is that it looks like Joe Biden and his family might have finally pushed things too far. 

Congressman James Comer (R-KY) recently made it clear that as Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, he will investigate all the shady art deals involving Joe Biden’s notorious crack-smoking son, Hunter Biden. 

More specifically, Comer tweeted, “Why would anyone pay Hunter Biden top dollar for artwork that is arguably worthless? He’s no Pablo Picasso.  Foreign adversaries, including China, have used transactions involving sham art sales to launder money & evade sanctions.” 

The Kentucky Congressman is referring to a series of paintings by Hunter Biden which sold for exorbitant amounts to people who claimed to be Communist Chinese art collectors. 

As Chairman Comer points out, Hunter Biden is not a professional painter, nor is his work lauded by the art world critics, so why would people fork over massive amounts of cash for his rudimentary painting?

More often than not, these types of transactions are the telltale signs of money laundering. 

The so-called art collectors likely do not care at all about Hunter Biden’s art, they simply wanted to pay the Biden family for influence without those payments being too obvious to federal regulators, and the DOJ. 

This is nothing short of corruption, and House Republicans are right to be so alarmed. 

The American people deserve to know why the President of the United States is using his family to auction political influence to the highest bidder.

 If these claims about Hunter Biden’s artwork are confirmed, then it could mean serious consequences for the entire Biden family, even including impeachment proceedings for Joe Biden.

Joe Biden’s presidency is now in danger as more scandals arise

It almost goes without saying that Joe Biden’s administration is on life support. 

Just about every stage of his presidency has been marred in controversy and scandal, and poll after poll now show that even most Democrats do not want him to run again in 2024. 

Joe Biden is a prime example of an entrenched, career politician who has made a living for himself by lying and deceiving his way to the top. 

For too long, Joe Biden has been shielded by his Democrat cronies in Washington, D.C. but those days just might be coming to an end. 

In the coming weeks and months, House Republicans must prioritize investigating Joe Biden’s crimes.

Because we certainly know the DOJ will not.

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