Hunter Biden just got some devastating news from this far-left TV personality

America has played host to many storied political dynasties over the years, but few have been as corrupt and scandal-plagued as the Bidens. 

Hunter Biden and Joe Biden are both walking, talking gaffes for goodness sake. 

But now Hunter Biden just got some devastating news from this far-left TV personality. 

The Bidens are a complete disaster for America

There is no point in sugarcoating it, the Biden family is a complete disaster for America. 

Rarely, if ever, has there been such low-lifes occupying the White House. 

Joe Biden is nothing more than a scumbag career politician and his son Hunter is a crack-addicted scoundrel who has facilitated his family’s corrupt dealing for years now. 

The good news is, the general public is becoming more and more aware of the damage that the Bidens are doing to America. 

So much so that even far-left comedian Jon Stewart just unleashed on Hunter Biden. 

On Jon Stewart’s podcast “The Problem with Jon Stewart,” Stewart spoke with British journalist Gabriel Gatehouse and quickly the conversation became political and started tilting toward Biden’s dubious past. 

That is when Stewart said “Let’s say it was real and people just thought, well, the one thing in it maybe is 10% to the big guy, which is circumstantial at best. But as far as like, look, Hunter Biden being on the board of–” 

“Burisma,” Gatehouse interjected. 

“To me that’s corruption, straight up off the bat,” Stewart added.

What Stewart is referring to is Hunter Biden sitting on the board of Burisma, which is a Ukrainian energy company.  

To anybody with a brain this is clear-cut corruption, as it gave the company and Ukrainian government a direct link to the powerful Biden family.

Stewart then went on to say in his podcast “The idea that nepotism would allow much larger amounts of money to flow into the hands of people, unqualified, to be in the positions that they’ve been accepted because you think those countries are trying to buy influence. Yeah. Welcome to the f****** world. And, I think, I think it’s a huge problem on its face. Forget about any secret laptop.”

For once, Jon Stewart is entirely right on this one. 

These actions by the Biden family should not require some lengthy investigation because it is blatantly corrupt. 

If federal law enforcement continues to look the other way in these matters, then it may be time for somebody or someone else to step in. 

As you know by now, the FBI and DOJ are completely useless and only serve to attack the Trump family these days. 

Americans deserve better than this, and such brazen and obvious corruption should not take years and years to investigate. 

These sorts of investigations should be happening before the public even knows what is happening. 

Real change will be needed in Washington, D.C. if these crimes are to ever be investigated. 

One day in the very near future, Hunter Biden and others in that crime family will get their day in court if Republicans can gain the courage to go after him.

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