Hunter Biden is shaking with fear after this whistleblower’s bombshell accusation was confirmed

Screenshot via Youtube, ABC News

Every day more details emerge about the Hunter Biden criminal cases and as the details emerge the more obvious it is that something fishy is going on. 

Instead of fairly upholding the law it appears as if federal law enforcement agencies worked tirelessly to protect Joe Biden’s son and the rest of his family. 

And Hunter Biden is shaking with fear after this whistleblower’s bombshell accusation was confirmed.

The FBI jumped through hoops to protect the Biden family

Ever since House Republicans embarked on their various investigations into President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, a number of shocking details have emerged, showing that the Bidens played direct roles in a number of corruption cases. 

Rather than pursuing these allegations, a number of whistleblowers have come forward to make statements that indicate the FBI did everything in its power to protect the Biden family. 

FBI whistleblower Gary Shapely has since spoken out about these cover-ups, going so far as to say that the bureau purposefully attempted to brush these allegations under the rug. 

And as a result of months of diligent investigating, House Republicans were able to obtain testimony from the former FBI supervisory agent in charge of the criminal investigation into Hunter. 

“Today, our committee staff conducted a transcribed interview with a former FBI supervisory special agent assigned to the FBI’s Wilmington office and the Biden criminal investigation,” the House Oversight Committee wrote in a tweet on Tuesday.

“The agent confirmed key portions of the IRS whistleblowers’ testimony, including that both Secret Service headquarters and the Biden transition team were tipped off about the planned Hunter Biden interview,” The Committee added. “In fact, on the day of the Hunter Biden interview, federal agents were told to stand by and to not approach Hunter Biden — they had to wait for his call.  As a result of the change in plans, IRS and FBI criminal investigators never got to interview Hunter Biden as part of the investigation.”

These crucial confessions show that the FBI may have gone to drastic lengths to compromise their criminal investigation into President Biden’s son.

If these claims are true, this has the potential to be the biggest FBI cover-up in modern American history, which could spell disaster for the already scandal-plagued FBI. 

The FBI is in very hot water after years of corruption

Over the last several months, a number of whistleblowers have emerged, accusing the FBI of unthinkable practices. 

Whether it is refusing to interview Hunter Biden, pursue serious corruption charges, or turning their back on other serious crimes, it seems increasingly obvious that the FBI is working tirelessly to protect the Biden family, and Democrats in general.

What is not clear at this point is how far up this scandal goes, and who may have ordered these sorts of practices within the FBI. 

Many Americans are losing trust in the FBI, as it appears that the FBI is no longer committed to upholding the law, but rather doing the bidding of Joe Biden and his allies. 

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