Hunter Biden is now staring down federal charges in the jurisdiction of a Trump-appointed US Attorney in a make-or-break moment

Americans have long wondered when FBI agents would stop breaking the law and start enforcing it.

The way that the Washington field office treats Hunter Biden is on top of the many reasons we’ve grown to distrust the agency.

But Hunter Biden is now staring down federal charges in the jurisdiction of a Trump-appointed US Attorney in a make-or-break moment.

FBI seems to finally be done covering for Joe Biden and his son Hunter

The Hunter Biden laptop investigation started as a scandal when agents directly ignored the contents of the hard drive.

They did this out of fear that they would “interfere with another election” by casting the Presidential candidate’s son in a negative light. 

Since then, some business deals that Hunter made with foreign nationals have come under the microscope. 

From China and Ukraine to the Russian Federation – Hunter has been very busy exploiting the family name for gain. 

Now all this is finally catching up with Hunter and FBI agents claim they have handed over enough evidence to charge the President’s son with tax and weapons crimes.

It’s hard to say whether he will be charged, let alone convicted with a steep sentence. 

According to Rebecca Roiphe, a professor at New York Law School, “Prosecutors have broad discretion whether to bring charges in a case even if they have sufficient evidence . . .”

Charges will be up to a Trump-appointed US Attorney based out of Delaware

In this case the prosecutor is a Trump appointee, US Attorney David Weiss.  

According to Roiphe, Weiss will examine, “the extent of harm caused by the offense, the background or characteristics of the offender and whether he has made any efforts at restitution or shown any signs of rehabilitation, how like cases have been treated in the past, and generally, whether this expenditure of resources would be in the interest of the public.”

She believes that “prosecutions for lying on gun purchase forms are relatively rare” and that with tax crimes “prosecutors tend to consider whether the individual has made efforts to pay back taxes and whether it would be sufficient to pursue civil remedies.”

In other words, Roiphe doesn’t seem to think that charges will be likely in this scenario. 

If anything, he would likely be facing civil litigation to force him into paying the taxes that he is alleged to have avoided illegally. 

If he does end up charged and convicted, the sentencing can’t be summed up easily. 

Roiphe says, “the penalty for the tax crimes would vary depending on the particular crime charged. The sentence for lying on the federal form could be up to ten years in prison.”

Joe Biden claims that he wasn’t involved in anyway but evidence points in the other direction

Joe Biden has denied unequivocally that he was involved in any of his son’s alleged wrongdoings. 

He even said during his campaign that he wasn’t involved in any business activities.

However, there is evidence that Joe was at least helping his son coordinate press coverage to lighten the impact from all the allegations.

According to a 2018 voicemail that was uncovered by Daily Mail, Joe Biden called Hunter to discuss an article in The New York Times about his work with a Chinese energy firm, CEFC.

In the voicemail Joe says, “I thought the article released online, it’s going to be printed tomorrow in The Times, was good. I think you’re clear.”

Though this story seems like it’s been going on forever – it’s just now beginning to pick up, and for Biden the timing couldn’t be any worse.

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