Hunter Biden is beside himself after getting slapped with legal consequences he never saw coming

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The media has become hyper-fixated on former President Donald Trump’s unprecedented legal fight.

But they’ve failed to shine light on the ongoing investigations into Joe and Hunter Biden which have the potential to turn American politics on its head.

And Hunter Biden is beside himself after getting slapped with legal consequences he never saw coming.

Hunter Biden will likely face more federal indictments in the coming weeks

Although much of the media’s attention has been devoted to former President Donald Trump, the truth is, Hunter Biden has his own share of legal woes.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that federal prosecutors filed court documents indicating that they plan on seeking federal indictments for Hunter by the end of this month.

More specifically, the Associated Press reported that “the filing came in a gun possession case in which Hunter Biden was accused of having a firearm while being a drug user, though prosecutors did not name exactly which charges they will seek.”

“He has also been under investigation by federal prosecutors for his business dealings,” the report added.

These indictments are a major blow to the entire Biden family, who have been the focus of a number of Congressional investigations ranging from gun charges to rampant corruption charges.

However, there are many who are questioning why it took the Biden Department of Justice so long to hand down these indictments.

House Ways and Means Chair, Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO) responded to the news by saying that “these soon-to-be-filed gun charges are just another attempt to shield the president’s son from fully facing justice.”

“IRS whistleblowers have outlined numerous felony tax crimes allegedly committed by Hunter Biden, including avoiding paying taxes on millions of dollars in income, yet the only action DOJ has taken is to attempt a sweetheart plea deal for a few misdemeanors and unrelated gun crimes and running out the clock on holding the President’s son accountable for failing to pay over $300,000 in taxes owed in 2014 and 2015,” he added.

Within the next few weeks, Americans will find out more details about these indictments and their impact on President Biden.

So far Biden has not spoken out about the matter, and most political experts believe it is unlikely that he will anytime soon.

What Wednesday’s news means for Biden

The news about the indictments filed against Hunter Biden sent shockwaves across the world, with many Democrats fretting about possible jail time for President Biden’s son, while Republicans questioned what took the Biden Department of Justice so long.

Regardless of the outcome of these indictments, it would not be surprising if Biden and his lackeys retaliated in one way or another.

In the past, Joe Biden has fought fire with fire anytime his family was threatened, including dropping indictments against former President Donald Trump. 

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