How this federal DEI contractor is spending the BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars Joe Biden gifted them will leave you sick

Photo by John Guccione from Pexels

Everyone knows that Democrats are on a mission to funnel as much taxpayer money as they can to their political and media allies, crony organizations, and special interests.

They’ll happily bankrupt working-class Americans and tank the economy if it results in more power and control for themselves.

And how this federal DEI contractor is spending the BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars Joe Biden gifted them will leave you sick.

Democrat politicians and unelected bureaucrats use their positions in public institutions to shift taxpayer money and power to those who will help expand their influence.

Taxpayer funding should be put towards the advancement and benefit of working class Americans, not just the ruling class and those who’ve pledged allegiance to them.

But they have no shame, and use wild argument routes to justify their payoffs to political allies with taxpayer dollars.

President Joe Biden has been doing the same, and he has even gone as far as sending more than $5 billion to the Mitre Corporation.

Mitre was founded in the late 1950’s as a result of Cold War-era research being conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has the primary goal to provide research and engineering for defense and national security programs.

As anyone would guess, when they receive taxpayer funding from Democrats like Biden, it comes with strings attached.

Mitre has been known for their heavy support for woke indoctrination programs and practices, especially with their upcoming “Week of Inclusion” about to begin.

One of the events that they are hosting during this week is so disgusting, it will leave your head spinning.

According to the Daily Wire, Mitre is “hosting Critical Race Theorist Robin DiAngelo as a keynote speaker and sponsoring book clubs on her prominent books on anti-racism.”

The Daily Wire was able to obtain a leaked memo from the organization which shows exactly what Mitre plans to use their taxpayer dollars gifted to them for.

“We are thrilled to announce our opening keynote speaker, Robin DiAngelo Ph.D, affiliate associate professor of education at the University of Washington and author of ‘White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism’ and ‘Nice Racism: How Progressive White People Perpetuate Racial Harm,’” read the memo.

“She will join us in a fireside chat to discuss the skills needed to be effective stewards and overcome challenges to creating the impact we want to see,” it added.

President Biden has used “health equity” as an argument to send boatloads of taxpayer money from unrelated funds, such as health care, to organizations who execute Democrats’ woke indoctrination schemes.

The Daily Wire also noted that in the thousands of federal contracts received by Biden, Mitre currently stands to gain another $13 million for DEI related conquests.

Although the organization is commonly used for Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security projects, the same radical “diversity, equity and inclusion” philosophies have been injected there as well.

“The Department of Defense, a main funder of Mitre, requested a whopping $144 million taxpayer dollars for their DEI agenda last year,” the Daily Wire noted. “The Defense Department has already spent over $150 million for DEI over the past two years.”

Former Trump administration officials, especially ones looking for a return in November, have already been advocating for new policies to shut down this radical ideology.

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