House Republicans take aim at Merrick Garland’s selective enforcement of federal law to target conservatives

When government agencies begin enforcing laws based on political opinions, it sets a very dangerous precedent.

But that’s exactly what’s been happening under Merrick Garland’s watch as he continues to keep the DOJ’s sights set on conservatives.

Now House Republicans are taking aim at Merrick Garland’s selective enforcement of federal law to target conservatives.

GOP demands more transparency

In the letter to the FBI, the Republicans are asking for more data on the latest swath of FBI enforcement activity regarding the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, or FACE.

The law prohibits using threats or physical force to intimidate anyone seeking an abortion and also outlaws damage to and/or the destruction of abortion facilities and other abortion-related institutions.

Texas Representative Chip Roy penned the letter, and it was signed by both House and Senate lawmakers.

Part of the letter reads that the GOP is “deeply concerned” about the “continued politicization” of the FBI.

The verbiage also accuses the FBI of using FACE as a means to punish the administration’s political opponents.

While the GOP certainly has grounds to be angry, the outrage is based on more than just the party’s opinion.

Dozens of cases are mentioned in the letter including the recent arrest of Mark Houck, a staunch pro-life activist who had guns drawn on him and his children in his own home. 

Other examples include recent charges leveled against a Franciscan monk and contention between pro-life protesters and law enforcement at a Planned Parenthood in Minnesota.

It’s clear that these recent charges aren’t actual federal law enforcement issues, nor do they directly relate to the FACE Act. 

The document states that “the FBI has amassed too much power and has become a partisan cudgel wielded by the Biden Administration at the behest of progressive activists.”

Unfair enforcement against conservatives

While the FBI continues to harass pro-life conservatives, it has yet to act against one single person or group that has violated the FACE Act at houses of worship and pro-life pregnancy centers.

The letter mentions that there have been no instances of FBI investigations or DOJ prosecutions “in relation to the more than 72 pregnancy resource centers and 80 Catholic churches that have been attacked or vandalized since the Dobbs leak.”

The Dobbs leak refers to the release of information on Justice Samuel Alito’s opinion regarding Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, which set off a firestorm of protests across the nation.

The attacks on churches and pro-life institutions have been violent and many have been carried out by far-left terrorist groups like Jane’s Revenge.

Yet somehow, not one person or group has been prosecuted or pursued under the FACE act, clearly demonstrating the bias of Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice.

Republicans are demanding more data and information regarding the number of FACE Act investigations pursued by the FBI from 2019 to now.

They also want to know how many of these cases were previously dismissed by various state courts across the nation.

While there’s no certainty that the FBI will release this information, Republicans are demanding accountability for Garland’s weaponization of federal law enforcement to target anyone who disagrees with the administration’s radical far-left agenda while giving others a free pass.

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