Homeowners are bracing themselves after Joe Biden declared war on this common appliance

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Most Americans agree that protecting the environment is a good and necessary thing. 

However, Joe Biden and his cronies are taking this to a whole new level by proposing a long list of ridiculous regulations. 

But now, homeowners are bracing themselves after Joe Biden declared war on this common appliance. 

Democrats’ misaligned crusade to save the world is causing confusion and mayhem

Instead of finding practical ways to clean up America’s water and air, Democrats are trying to save the environment in the worst possible ways. 

Home appliances are a popular target for Democrats, and air conditioning units and gas stoves are under attack from the Left for their alleged pollution.

On that note, the Biden regime is expected to unveil even more regulations on home appliances, specifically gas-powered furnaces. 

The regulations, which were first proposed by the Department of Energy in June 2022, would limit the type of furnaces consumers can buy for their homes, favoring furnaces that are allegedly more environmentally friendly. 

But like most things the left says are environmentally friendly, these furnaces are much more expensive, and many experts believe they will also drive energy costs up with little to no impact on the environment. 

One such expert, Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow Ben Lieberman spoke to Fox News about these potential regulations and the harm they could cause. 

“This is a classic example of one size not fitting all,” Lieberman said. “Every home is different, every homeowner is different and people are best off having a wide range of choices. They can work with their contractor to make the best decision for their home and their circumstances.”

“The efficiency standard would effectively outlaw non-condensing furnaces and condensing alternatives would be the only ones available,” he added. “Those are more efficient, but they cost more. And installation costs could be a big problem for some houses that are not compatible with condensing furnaces.”

Once again, the Biden regime is aggressively pushing for nonsensical regulations that will cost homeowners an arm and a leg, not to mention all of the other headaches that come with having a furnace installed. 

To add insult to injury, no one in the Biden regime can prove that these regulations will have any meaningful impact on the environment. 

Joe Biden is cementing himself as the worst President in American history

Due to out-of-control inflation and other economic plagues, taxpayers are reeling right now. 

President Biden and his fellow left-wing extremists are bound and determined to deliver as much pain as possible to gas companies, and in turn their customers. 

And as it stands most Americans rely on gas in one way or another, meaning that these so-called “reforms” will have a profound and powerful impact on the working class.

Instead of finding new and creative ways to make life miserable for Americans, Joe Biden should focus on ways to make America a better nation to live in.

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