Hillary Clinton was furious after a top Republican gave her this brutal reality check

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Hillary Clinton just doesn’t know when to go away.

She tried to lob another lame attack at Republicans.

And Hillary Clinton was furious after a top Republican gave her this brutal reality check.

Most of the country is dealing with a scorching hot summer with some areas seeing the temperature top 100 degrees.

Phoenix, Arizona set a record with its 19th consecutive day over 110 degrees, while other cities hit record highs.

True to form, a heatwave was a crisis Democrats simply couldn’t let go to waste. 

Failed 2008 and 2016 Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tried to politicize the hot weather to launch a ridiculous attack against former President Donald Trump and his supporters.

Clinton piggybacked on a social media post from the woke extremist Center for American Progress (CAP) Action blaming Republicans for the hot weather.

“MAGA Republicans are pouring fuel on the climate crisis fire,” CAP Action wrote with a graphic featuring news headlines about the hot weather.

“Hot enough for you?” Clinton added in response to CAP Action’s post. “Thank a MAGA Republican. Or better yet, vote them out of office.”

Clinton just couldn’t help herself and hurled an absurd attack at the movement that crushed her Presidential dreams, delusionally blaming Republicans for causing hot weather.

Former Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) torched Clinton for her insane attack on Republicans during an appearance on Fox News.

“She’s broken,” Zeldin said. “But what’s crazy about this is how much of this is deliberate tactics to win political campaigns and get power. They need to divide people. They need to fire up their base and getting them to blame the other side. You can never have a United States of America with this kind of approach.”

Democrats are constantly politicizing the weather to push their radical environmental agenda.

Zeldin said that if Clinton actually cared about climate change, she would criticize countries like China, which is ramping up their carbon emissions.

He added that carbon emissions are being reduced in the U.S. by new innovations, but noted that politicians don’t “get power” by pointing out that fact.

“Yeah, she’s been broken by the Right, but a lot of this is deliberate as a tactic to gain more power, and that’s the worst part of it, ’cause it will just continue to fracture our country,” Zeldin added.

Zeldin said Clinton’s attack was another example of how she’s destroyed her legacy.

“These later years where she lost, and she just kept doubling, tripling down in way that made her even less and less of a stateswoman,” Zeldin said. “There was a certain track she was on in her career for herself and she just blew it all up.”

Hillary Clinton is a sore loser who will never get over her loss in the 2016 Presidential Election.

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