Hillary Clinton made a 2024 election announcement that took the world by surprise

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Hillary Clinton is dipping her toe back into the political waters.

This is a major development for the Democrat Party.

And Hillary Clinton made a 2024 election announcement that took the world by surprise.

Virginia is one of two states that hold off-year elections in 2023.

And what happens in Virginia could have ramifications for the 2024 election.

That’s because Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin is looking to flip control of the Virginia state Senate to give Republicans control of both the Governor’s mansion and the state legislature.

At the same time, Youngkin would love nothing more than to continue building his credibility amongst the Republican establishment to position himself for a future run for higher office.

In fact, Youngkin could potentially be hoping that if he shows a conservative message has resonated in a deep purple state, it could serve as a launching pad for a late entry into the Presidential race.

That’s why former First Lady Hillary Clinton’s recent tweet calling on Democrats in the Commonwealth to turn out in massive numbers to keep control of the state legislature in the left’s hands.

Even if Youngkin does not enter the Presidential race, Republicans winning control of the state legislature could allow him to muscle through a conservative agenda that could see Virginia adopt Constitutional Carry and stronger Pro-Life protections.

Democrats want to paint a conservative agenda as politically toxic.

If Republicans can run on defending the unborn and the Second Amendment, and win in a state like Virginia in 2023, it could prove to be a dress rehearsal for the 2024 election.

Should Youngkin and the GOP fall short in Virginia in 2023, it would allow Democrats and their allies in the media to shape a narrative that the GOP is on defense as voters rejected the Party’s message.

There is also lingering doubt that President Biden can actually follow through with running for re-election.

Biden’s age, cognitive decline, and lousy approval ratings are keeping the belief alive that he will eventually bow out of the race in favor of another Democrat, like Clinton or Governor Newsom.

The fact that President Biden’s re-election campaign barely hired any staff or staged any events is also driving suspicions that he doesn’t actually intend to run in 2024.

And in that event, Hillary Clinton wants to make sure she is positioned to hop into the race for the Democrat nomination.

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