Hillary Clinton just reminded many American voters what she really thinks about them as she melted down about the Midterms

It’s obvious that radical Left Democrats in positions of power have a disdain for normal everyday Americans.

But nothing compares to the total disrespect that Hillary Clinton pitches to the American electorate whenever she gets air time.

And Hillary Clinton just reminded many American voters what she really thinks about them as she melted down about the Midterms.

Hillary Clinton had a Deplorables 2.0 moment

In 2016, Hillary Clinton made a comment at a fundraising event that made national headlines and showed her disinterest in appealing to Donald Trump’s base. 

She referred to “half” of Trump’s followers as a “basket of deplorables” full of “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic—you name it.”

Now Clinton is feeling the weight of the impending losses for her party and she’s starting to admonish all American voters. 

In an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, the former Democrat Presidential nominee melted down over the future of her democracy and the consequences of a red wave in Congress.

Clinton says she’s not sure Americans understand what a red wave will mean

Reid asked Clinton if she thought voters understood what Republican majorities in both Chambers of Congress would mean for the future of the country.

Clinton responded, “I think that with all of the noise that we’ve gotten in this election season I don’t think that people are really able to grasp that.”

Clinton went on to describe a public that was just uneducated on the current political situation. 

She said, “I’m not sure they really understand the threats to their way of life. They may think that whoever’s chairing a committee is, you know, kind of abstract.”

So, it’s that simple – Americans just don’t understand what is good for the future of their country. 

The problem with this logic is that Americans are running toward the Republican Party out of the fear of what the extreme Left is doing to our schools and economy.

Clinton stumbles and shifts interview to blaming MAGA for Paul Pelosi attack

Clinton then moved on to the Democrats’ favorite talking point lately – the strange attack on Paul Pelosi.

The attack has been widely condemned by Republicans and at most some have questioned the circumstances and the lack of footage from the incident.

The Democrats have been using it as a dividing point to push fear on their base. 

They need their voters to get out and vote – or their safety might be at risk.

Clinton pushed the same lines that her party has been on since the incident. 

Blaming so-called “violent rhetoric” from the Republicans for inciting the incident.

Clinton asked Reid’s audience, “why would you entrust power to people who they themselves are unable to see how terrible it is that someone may be attacked in their home or don’t really care because they somehow think it’ll get them votes or get them elected? This is a real threat to the heart of democracy.”

The answer is simple. 

Americans aren’t worried about whether Paul Pelosi’s assailant was a friend of the family or a MAGA extremist. 

They care about putting food on their table – and that’s getting harder to do under Democrat policies.

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