Gun owners are up in arms after CNN shamelessly perpetuated this vicious lie

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Lies and deception are the foundation of the radical Left’s fake news empire.

 Most legacy media outlets have no intention of reporting the news and would instead rather advance the radical Left’s extremist agenda.

 And now gun owners are up in arms after CNN shamelessly perpetuated this vicious lie.

Leftists and the so-called “mainstream” media will do anything to vilify gun owners

 There is nothing the Left hates more than the Second Amendment.

 An armed public prevents them from enacting the most extreme aspects of their socialist agenda, which is why diminishing the rights of law-abiding gun owners is their top priority.

Last Monday, CNN put out a very misleading report that claimed America has already reached 100 mass shootings just three months into 2023.

However, as soon as this report was broadcasted, experts began questioning the veracity of CNN’s claim.

Traditionally, a mass shooting is defined by the FBI’s 1980s definition of a “mass murderer,” which is an individual who “kills four or more people in a single incident (not including himself).”

However, CNN cherry picked a statistic that describes any shooting whatsoever, even if no one was actually even harmed in the crime. 

This means that drive-by shootings, gang hits, homicides, double homicides, and accidents could all be labeled as “mass shootings.”

Misleading statistics are often used by the so-called “mainstream” news outlets, like CNN, to spread fear and misinformation in order to advance the Left’s agenda.

Doing so helps CNN and its left-wing allies move closer towards their ultimate goal of outright banning gun ownership in America. 

Corporate-controlled media outlets, like CNN, prey on those Americans who for some reason still believe that whatever they hear on “the news” is absolute fact. 

Misleading reports such as this prove the importance of teaching people to question and factcheck everything they hear on the news. 

CNN has yet to issue any correction or clarification regarding this misleading statistic, and it is very unlikely that they ever will. 

If anything, expect CNN to find new and creative ways to spread fear and lies about guns and gun ownership, likely while continuing to parrot their fabricated stats.

Gun owners are the enemy of the Left and their radical agenda

The vast majority of leftists loathe the very concept of gun ownership for one simple reason – it stands in the way of their extreme agenda. 

An armed public prevents totalitarian governments from imposing their will. 

That is why the very first thing every dictator throughout history has done immediately after assuming power is ban private gun ownership. 

It is imperative that Americans hold CNN, and other legacy media outlets that perpetuate lies such as this one, to account.

Every parent must teach their children from a young age to question absolutely everything, and to always seek truth above all else.

For decades, the Left has mastered the art of propaganda, which has led to a slew of policy successes. 

America’s Founding Fathers were very deliberate when they drafted the Constitution and bill of rights, and any so called “gun control” measure is a direct assault on the very foundation of freedom.

Over the years leftists have proven that they simply do not care what the constitution says, which is why gun owners must fight tooth and nail to preserve these fundamental rights. 

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