Ground Zero of the Kyle Rittenhouse incident just turned red

Joe Biden managed to eke out a victory in the Badger State in 2020.

However, cities like Milwaukee, Madison and those bordering Illinois have long been considered reliably blue.

But now, thanks to far-left ideologues, BLM rioters, and surging crime rates, the city infamous for the Kyle Rittenhouse incident just turned red in this shocking election.

In the wake of the George Floyd death in Minneapolis, Kenosha, Wisconsin became infamous for Black Lives Matter riots following the shooting of career criminal Jacob Blake.

The city was on fire, and young Kyle Rittenhouse, armed with a gun and medical supplies came to the city to save people and property and literally put out dumpster fires.

In a court-proven act of self-defense, with his own life on the line, Rittenhouse ended up having to kill two white men with long rap sheets and shoot a third.

Somehow this was made out to be a case of white supremacy and racism.

Rittenhouse was legally cleared of all wrong-doing, but Kenosha will forever live in infamy.

Meanwhile, Kenosha County hadn’t elected a Republican in decades.

That is until now.

As what is just the latest sign of the oncoming red wave readying to hit in the 2022 Midterm elections, a conservative Republican just won the County Executive seat in Kenosha.

The position is technically non-partisan, but both the candidates were well known in the area and had previously served as elected-officials as a Republican and Democrat respectively – so the voters knew where each candidate’s allegiances lied.

At the end of the tally, Republican Samantha Kerkman, defeated Democrat Rebecca Matoska-Mentink, 51% to 48%.

Kerkman made fighting crime a centerpiece of her campaign for the office.

She will be the fifth County Executive in Kenosha County history – replacing current County Executive, Democrat Jim Kreuser, who has held the office since 2008.

According to Fox News, Republican-backed candidates in local school board races also came out as winners in the Milwaukee suburbs.

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate and Lt. Governor under Scott Walker, Rebecca Kleefisch, endorsed 48 school board candidates, with 34 of them taking home W’s.

This is a good sign for Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, who is running for re-election this cycle.

It also is good news for the GOP all across America as another former Democrat stronghold turns red ahead of November.

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