Gretchen Whitmer got caught trying to pull a fast one on Michigan voters

The polls say it isn’t close, but the way Gretchen Whitmer is acting tells a different story.

Why else would she be running from the most heated controversy of the day, something that her base loves, and try to shield herself from a mob of angry voters?

But thankfully voters have caught on to her trick and here’s hoping she’ll pay a political price at the polls for her deception.

Whitmer runs from LGBTQ school indoctrination controversy, hides behind parent panel packed with Democrat partisans

Just a week removed from her ridiculous launch of “Republicans for Whitmer,” which was just a laundry list of RINOs and Republicans turned Democrat, the Democrat Governor of Michigan is now trying to hide behind a “parent council” to provide input on how best to spend new taxpayer money allocated to the state education system.

Her goal is to gather advice from a “diverse” background of parents to make sure that state dollars are being spent in the interest of parents who have thus far been ignored by her administration, especially during the COVID pandemic where she kept kids out of schools for months leading to Michigan’s education scores to tank in nationwide ratings.

She didn’t seem to care about what parents thought as she was being vetted to be Joe Biden’s running mate, but now that a second term is on the line all of sudden parents matter. 


Some parents matter. 

Democrat donors and liberal activists. 

Conservatives and Christians need not apply.

Democrat donors and pro-abortion activist on parent panel

According to the Daily Caller, Whitmer’s parent panel is “comprised of a pro-abortion activist, a campaign donor, and an individual who claims she feels ‘unease’ around white men.”

Additionally, there’s a Board of Education President appointed to the panel who, under her leadership, a 17-year-old boy sexually assaulted three girls, starting with a seven-year-old on the school bus, who was not suspended until after the second assault. 

He only ended up with probation after the third assault.

This supposed “parent panel” is nothing but window dressing, a sad attempt to distract from Whitmer’s Department of Education being caught encouraging teachers to hide from parents a students desire to undergo a sex change operation, along with the push to include sexually explicit content in school libraries.

Whitmer has been strangely quiet about it all, instead she’s relying on her Chief Operating Officer to dictate communications to the School Superintendent to “review” the content they are pushing on teachers.

Michigan’s Mainstream Media refusing to ask Whitmer tough questions on LGBT content

It shouldn’t be surprising, but it is downright frustrating.

Governor Whitmer and other radical Democrats are seemingly getting a free pass on their radical views.

Whitmer has not been asked directly by anyone in the mainstream media about what she thinks about the Department of Education encouraging teachers to violate parental rights in their pursuit to pollute children with their grotesque hyper-sexualized and perverted content.

Nor have they directly asked Whitmer where she truly stands on abortion, if she believes that parental consent laws should be repealed and if she supports abortion up until birth, which is inferred based on her support of the radical Reproductive Freedom for All amendment going before Michigan voters as Proposal 3 on November 8.

Recent polling by Trafalgar shows that nearly 60 percent of Americans would support banning abortion after 15 weeks, which means Whitmer is at odds with most Americans with her support of the “anything goes abortion” amendment, but journalists can’t seem to be bothered to ask these tough questions of her.

Parental rights are under assault by the radical Left and we are just expected to just sit here and accept it. 

Sadly, unless things dramatically change the next few weeks, Whitmer and her radical Democrat allies may just get another four years to keep experimenting on Michigan’s children.

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