GOP Congresswoman Nancy Mace is feeling “a lot of pressure” on this vital issue. But she says it’s too divisive

South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace is under fire again.

And this time the anti-Trump Representative has really upset her base.

That’s because Mace is feeling “a lot of pressure” on this vital issue. But she says it’s too divisive.

Nancy Mace is once again proving why she is no friend of liberty.

She’s a supporter of Liz Cheney, wrong on the issue of life, said Donald Trump “put all of our lives at risk,” and voted for the creation of the unconstitutional January 6 Committee.

In short, Nancy Mace has become an enemy of the liberty movement she claims to be a part of.

Nancy Mace has a long history of bad behavior

Of course, for Mace this is nothing new.

While in the South Carolina State Legislature Mace was a constant thorn in the side of actual pro-liberty champions like Rep. Jonathan Hill.

Instead, Mace spent her time sucking up to GOP leadership and the RINOs who would later support her reelection.

Mace also faced a firestorm of controversy over videos released of her participating in a drunken, disgusting sex-related drinking game.

And in Congress Mace has voted with Joe Biden as much as 25% of the time including voting to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

Mace has also voted for Biden funding bills, continued surveillance on Americans, and increased EPA restrictions on America’s small businesses.

Feeling the heat, will she see the light?

Now Mace is back in the news again, something she clearly seems to crave more than doing her actual job.

Mace was recently on NBC’s Meet the Press where she said that if Republicans win the majority in the House of Representatives in November, there’s a lot of pressure to have an impeachment vote on President Joe Biden.

Anchor Chuck Todd, referring to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s Commitment to America plan said, “Part of it was accountability, and it’s kind of vague, but you’ve heard some of the details, and you talked about the idea there may be a special select committee. Do you expect an impeachment vote against President Biden if Republicans take over the House?”

Mace responded saying, “I believe there’s pressure on the Republicans to have that vote to put that legislation forward and have that vote. I think that is something that some folks are considering.”

Todd said, “Wow.”

Mace, feeling the pressure from Chuck Todd, began backpedaling and said, “Yeah, I want to follow the Constitution. Oversight is important, but when I think of oversight of the federal government, I’m thinking about the waste, fraud and abuse.”

Todd asked, “If the impeach Biden votes come up, how will you vote?”

Mace of course deflected the question, “Again, I’m going to read about that bill as filed, what’s in it. I didn’t vote to impeach the former President of the United States because I felt like due process was stripped away. I won’t vote for impeachment of any President if I feel that due process was stripped away for anyone.”

Holding Biden accountable is just too divisive for Nancy Mace

Todd then said, “I can’t get over the first thing you said, which is that it’s very likely we’ll see an impeachment vote. Is this good for the Republican Party?”

Mace said, “I do believe it’s divisive.”

That’s right, Nancy Mace, once a rising star in the GOP has seemingly hitched her wagon to Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, and the RINO wing of the party.

She believes that holding Joe Biden accountable for his actions is too divisive.

We can only hope Mace comes to her senses and does in fact feel enough heat to make her see the light and vote right.

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