GOP Congressmen are demanding the Biden administration rein in China’s domestic overreach in America

The Biden administration has spent the first two years in power framing America First voters and their representatives as a threat to our country.

They’ve done everything they can including sending the Department of Justice and the FBI into the homes of their political opponents.

Now they’re standing by while China interferes in the sovereignty of our nation and the GOP is furious about it.

China is openly operating “communist police stations in our country”

Earlier this year, reports started popping up about Chinese Communist Party police stations materializing in western nations. 

One such police station popped up in NYC’s Chinatown and it’s causing an outrage amongst New Yorkers. 

Former NYPD detective Beau Dietl says that it’s a “disgrace” that the Chinese government “could openly have these communist police stations in our country.” 

He says that Beijing would never allow for a US police station to be placed in their city and that the “United States should deal with this” and throw them out now.

China played them down as government service points for Chinese nationals overseas. 

However, many are concerned with their “foreign strike operations” that they carry out against dissenters of the CCP. 

GOP Senator from Idaho says the CCP has been “targeting people on other nation’s soil”

Idaho Senator Jim Risch is a ranking member on the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. 

He warned that “there has been a noticeable uptick in incidents where the Chinese government is targeting people on other nations’ soil.”

These overseas police stations referred to as “110 Overseas” have reportedly used blackmail, intimidation, and actual arrests to intimidate Chinese nationals – many of whom have fled to the United States to avoid the regime’s authoritarian political practices.

Risch says that the CCP is “not afraid to exert its will outside of China.  This should be taken as a warning that they’re trying to expand governance beyond Chinese borders and interfere in the sovereignty of other nations.”

GOP Congressmen call on Garland and Blinken to shut down this “extraterritorial law enforcement”

Twenty other members of Congress penned a letter to Secretary of State Blinken and Attorney General Garland in October of this year. 

They urged the federal government to take action promptly and to “not allow China to export its coercive and aggressive tactics anywhere in the United States” according to Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado.

Lamborn says that China “most certainly should not be allowed to exercise extraterritorial law enforcement on American soil.”

FBI says they’re working on it and Gordon Chang warns China will do “whatever they can get away with”

The FBI claims that they are taking a tough stance on the incursions and that “the Bureau is dedicated to being straightforward in our communication with partners so that we can be seen as a trustworthy ally in the fight against the Chinese government aggression.”

According to a post on Twitter by the FBI as of October 24, “two people have been arrested and 13 have been charged in three separate cases for allegedly taking part in malign schemes in the U.S. on behalf of China’s government.”

These steps might not be strong enough unless they shut them down according to Gordon Chang – author of “The Coming Collapse of China.” 

Chang says that “the Chinese are very aggressive. They’ll do whatever they can get away with and we have to acknowledge that.”

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