Glenn Beck just dropped a bombshell that could shake up the 2022 Midterms

With the flow of information controlled by the Fake News Media and Big Tech, conservative media has become more impactful than ever.

But some of the conservative movement’s biggest stars, most influential voices, and most formidable opponents of the radical Left have refused to run for political office themselves.

That could be changing, though, as Glenn Beck just dropped a bombshell that could shake up the 2022 Midterms.

Who is Glenn Beck?

It won’t come as a surprise to many conservatives to say that founder and CEO of conservative media powerhouse TheBlaze, Glenn Beck, is rather controversial to some.

For the Left, there’s no gray area when it comes to Beck – to them, he’s simply another Alex Jones-esque conspiracy theorist.

For the Right, it’s not as simple, though.

To a sizable portion of conservatives, Glenn Beck has been one of the most effective conservative voices of this generation, and has really only been outdone by the likes of Rush Limbaugh.

But for other conservatives, his late and lackluster support of former President Donald Trump during the 2016 Presidential election is a black eye Beck will never be able to overcome.

Nevertheless, one thing most every conservative can agree on is the fact that if given the choice between another radical leftist, establishment RINO Senator, or a Senator Glenn Beck, the Beck option would be much preferable.

If nothing else, it would be rather entertaining to watch the Left’s minds melt much the same way it did in 2016 when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, albeit on a smaller level.

And apparently, Glenn Beck himself has considered exactly such a scenario, and even has a rather ingenious campaign strategy that’s so crazy it just might work.

Establishment Republicans constantly sell out conservatives

In a recent appearance on his BlazeTV network’s “Stu Does America” show, Beck rallied against establishment Republicans who are trying to come to a gun control “compromise” with Democrats, including his home state of Texas’ Senator, supposed Republican John Cornyn.

“You think that Mitch McConnell gives a flying crap, really, about the Second Amendment? Really, do you?” Beck asked rhetorically. “I don’t think so. John Cornyn? He’s been off the reservation – he’s a Texas Senator!”

Beck then said that when he saw Cornyn’s latest pro-gun control comments, he thought, “I’m running.”

“I’m running, and I have no chance of winning, but I’m running against that guy,” Beck said. “It’s crazy.”

The show’s host and longtime producer of Beck’s nationally syndicated radio program, Stu Burguiere, then pointed out to Beck that moving from his current role to that of a U.S. Senator would be quite the pay cut (Beck’s net worth is reportedly north of $250 million).

But Beck didn’t earn his fortune by being someone who simply quits at the first roadblock.

Instead, he quickly crafted a plan to replace RINO Senator John Cornyn with a true conservative who actually represents the people of Texas.

“I’d just do the speeches,” Beck said. “I’d be good at doing speeches, bad at all the decisions, and Senatorial stuff. You know, really bad.”

Then, Beck suggested that he should simply run against Cornyn as a decoy who can get the attention of the people of Texas to wake them up to Cornyn’s shenanigans, even if he’s too “crazy” to earn their vote.

“Somebody can run as an Independent, and [the people of Texas will] go `Beck’s right about Cornyn, but Beck’s crazy, so we can’t vote for [Beck or Cornyn] now,’” Beck said, indicating it was a slam dunk to get a true conservative elected as an Independent in Texas.

There’s little doubt that a Glenn Beck U.S. Senate campaign would rock the political world as we know it.

The Left, establishment Republicans, and the corporate-controlled media would absolutely lose their minds over it.

But as previously mentioned, Beck’s plan may just be so crazy that it actually works.

And who knows what could happen if you put your name on the ballot . . . 

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