George Soros has one secret plan to unleash hell on Donald Trump in 2024

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George Soros’ political machine is going all-in on defeating Donald Trump in 2024.

But just how far the woke extremist billionaire is willing to go will shock you.

And George Soros has one secret plan to unleash hell in Donald Trump in 2024.

The state of Maine could play a pivotal role in the 2024 election.

Maine divides its Electoral College votes by Congressional District, and in both 2016 and 2020, former President Donald Trump carried the state’s very rural Second Congressional District.

Trump and other Republicans also believe that in a good political environment, a Republican could win all of Maine’s electoral votes.

Polls show the 2024 race is currently a toss up, and winning even one of Maine’s electoral votes could prove decisive.

That’s why a recent announcement that the nonprofit National Trust for Local News would purchase 20 daily and weekly newspapers in Maine, such as The Portland Press Herald, The Kennebec Journal, and The Lewiston Sun Journal raise eyebrows.

Masthead Maine CEO and Publisher Lisa DeSisto praised the sale to the National Trust in Local News.

“I never could have imagined an outcome this incredible for Maine, for our employees, for our readers,” DeSisto declared. “It’s phenomenal.”

But the money behind the National Trust in Local News makes it clear this is no ordinary do-gooder attempt to prop up failing local news outlets.

As it turns out, the National Trust in Local news is funded by woke extremist billionaire George Soros and other radical left-wing megadonors.

“Two of the country’s key left-leaning political spenders, George Soros’s Open Society Foundation and the medical device billionaire philanthropist Hansjörg Wyss, played a central — and previously unreported — role in the nonprofit purchase of nearly two dozen respected local newspapers in Maine, including the Portland Press Herald, the Lewiston Sun Journal and the Kennebec Journal,” Semafor reports.

The money the National Trust in Local News was given by the Soros-backed Open Societies Foundation for the explicit purpose of purchasing these Maine papers.

“A person with direct knowledge of the project said that both Open Society and Wyss gave millions to the National Trust for the purchase of the Maine newspapers,” Semafor added. “A spokesperson for the nonprofit noted that Open Society was one of its financial supporters, but denied that Open Society committed funds specifically for the project.”

Polls show Trump could defeat President Biden.

The outcome of many political races is often impacted more by local media coverage than so-called “mainstream” media, as residents tend to trust their hometown outlets more than national media conglomerates.

And George Soros and other woke extremist donors seem to believe they can control all of Maine’s electoral votes by turning the state’s local press into another cog in the Democrat propaganda machine.

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