Gavin Newsom’s “Campaign for Democracy” just proved he lives in alternate reality

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Radical left-wing Democrats will stop at nothing to push their woke agenda on the American people.

California leads the way in regulating the lives of normal everyday people.

And now Gavin Newsom’s “Campaign for Democracy” just proved he lives in alternate reality.

California Governor calls for people “to fight back” against “extremist Republicans”

California government officials would like nothing more than to control everything in their citizens’ daily lives.

According to a study by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, California is the most regulated state in the country, and it would take over 23,000 hours to read every regulatory restriction.

Now, Governor Gavin Newsom thinks that he needs to rescue the country from an “existential struggle for democracy.”

He made the comment alongside an announcement for his new organization, “Campaign for Democracy,” which he launched on March 30.

He says that he’s launching the political action committee to combat “extremist Republicans” who are supposedly “systematically attacking the very foundations of our free society—denying women equality, attacking communities of color, fetishizing weapons of war, banning books, and undermining the right to vote.”

Newsom called on his followers “to fight back” against these “un-American” and “un-democratic” actions.

Newsom labels opposition Governors as “authoritarian leaders”

Newsom said that the “problem” with America is “authoritarian leaders, who are so hell-bent on gaining power and keeping it, by whatever means necessary, that they’re directly attacking our freedoms, in state after state.”

He highlighted two Republican Governors in the video — Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Texas’ Greg Abbott.

It just so happens that those two Governors preside over states that have absorbed the vast majority of people fleeing California in recent years.

Many political commentators have pointed to Governor Newsom’s embrace of vaccine mandates for employees and extensive lockdowns as a reason to have left the state.

Newsom proudly pushed these measures on his people while fighting to renew his emergency powers over and over again.

The hypocrisy wasn’t lost on anyone, especially one conservative activist from the state.

Dan Walters reminds people of Newsom’s authoritarian history

Dan Walters of has been fighting for his group’s mission “to improve California’s democracy by making its government more transparent and accountable and give Californians the information they need to understand and engage with that government.”

Following Newsom’s announced plan to supposedly save America from “authoritarian leaders”, Walter urged his readers to remember some of the Democrat Governor’s more controversial actions.

He referenced Newsom’s actions during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the effects they had on the economy.

Walters said that during COVID, Newsom “suspended dozens of laws, closed public schools, and ordered much of the state’s economy to be shut down.”

This resulted in the loss of “nearly 3 million jobs overnight” and pushed the state “into a severe recession.”

Newsom “aimed at restricting” behaviors that he deemed “wrong”

He went on to say that Newsom attacked his political opponents with “a number of new laws aimed at restricting or eliminating behavior he and his fellow Democrats consider to be wrong.” 

He even “unilaterally stopped executions in 2019, even though the death penalty was and still is state law.”

Governor Newsom has regulated state industries into the gutter, and made life increasingly more difficult for Californians.

Now, he’s trying to bring his political style and ideologies to the national stage as he’s measured up for a rumored Presidential run.

It’s clear that America does need to be saved, but only from Democrat authoritarians, like Gavin Newsom.

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