Gavin Newsom went mute after Jon Stewart asked one question he was not prepared to answer

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Gavin Newsom is not accustomed to being asked difficult questions.

He rarely sits for interviews with anyone who will challenge him.

But Gavin Newsom went mute after Jon Stewart asked one question he was not prepared to answer.

California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom wants to be President.

He is waiting in the bullpen in case Democrats need to replace President Joe Biden in 2024, for whatever reason.

The big problem facing Newsom is that he has an atrocious, and downright authoritarian, record as Governor.

One major issue for Newsom is crime, which has spiraled out of control in California.

A big reason why is that George Soros-funded Democrat District Attorneys have implemented pro-crime policies.

During an interview with Jon Stewart, Newsom did not have good answers regarding criminal justice reform.

“Mary Reese, you wanted to commute her sentence,” Stewart said to Newsom. “You sent her back to a parole board. She’s been in prison for a series of burglaries. Not nothing, but clearly not a violent offender. She failed her parole hearing based on having borrowed, I think, hair gel from another prison and some other things.”

Reese was a petty criminal who received a lengthy sentence because of the old “three strikes” policy of the 1990s, which took repeat offenders off the streets.

However, the state’s Democrat residents grew a distaste for tough-on-crime policies, which resulted in left-wing criminal justice reforms and repeat offenders getting put back on the streets.

“And on the flip side of it, you have an offender who was let out, and killed a police officer,” Stewart continued.

Newsom had no good response and simply rambled.

“We still have the same dungeness rooms for those two perpetrators you just described — one that’s benign, not particularly violent nor particularly problematic, and others that have every reason to be considered a concern,” Newsom rambled. “We haven’t evolved. There’s no innovation… We talk about reform. We don’t talk about innovation in the criminal justice system.”

The problem that Newsom cannot account for is broken culture.

Morality and social stigma used to be the backstop against a lot of petty crime.

But society and culture have been so degraded that organized retail theft is now commonplace.

People feel no shame about walking out of stores with hundreds of dollars in stolen merchandise because they know the cops won’t do anything since radical left-wing DAs won’t prosecute theft under $950 in California.

In the name of being compassionate toward prisoners, like Reese, shameless thieves and murders have been unleashed on law-abiding citizens.

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