Gavin Newsom turned red with rage after Rand Paul put him in his place with this epic truthbomb

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Joe Biden’s mental and physical health seems to decline more by the day. 

Democrats have taken notice and many are desperate to find a replacement with Election Day looming. 

But Gavin Newsom turned red with rage after Rand Paul put him in his place with this epic truthbomb.

Democrats’ backup plan?

With President Joe Biden’s approval ratings and poll numbers in the gutter, and his mental and physical health declining, many Democrats are looking for somebody who could fill his place in case he cannot run this November.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has emerged as a potential backup plan for Democrats, who admire him for the woke extremist and socialist policies he’s implemented.

However, many Republicans and independents have quickly pointed out Newsom’s many failures, which they argue have destroyed the state of California. 

Last Tuesday, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) added to these concerns, explaining why he believes Newsom should not go anywhere near the White House. 

At a speaking engagement at Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California last Tuesday, Senator Paul said, “never, ever let Gavin Newsom anywhere near the White House.”

Paul then lamented Newsom’s handling of the COVID pandemic, chastising him for closing down government schools and other essential services. 

He then attacked the Democrat Governor’s record on illegal immigration.

“I’m for strict policy of no illegal immigration,” Paul declared. “But I think some of the best Americans just got here. We have to be able to say that and be encouraging to have first-generation immigrants in our party. Asian, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Hispanic. They need to be in our party. And we have to be a bigger party.”

“I think just simply by saying some of the best Americans just got here, and compliment the work that people do, and not assume that everybody is a non-worker, and everybody is here to steal from the welfare system,” he added. “But none of that means I would let anybody in illegally. I would put every one of them back on the other side of the border.”

As it stands, President Joe Biden has not made any announcements or indications that he will slow down his Presidential campaign anytime soon. 

Some believe that he is holding out until this summer or early fall, which would inevitably send the already chaotic election cycle into a frenzy. 

Newsom would have a difficult time against Trump

Former President Donald Trump leads Biden in most head-to-head polls, giving him much-needed momentum with Election Day looming. 

However, switching to Governor Newsom would probably only hurt Democrats, given Newsom’s abhorrent record as Governor of California.

Few Governors are hated as fiercely as Gavin Newsom, who has seen millions of Californians flee the state during his tenure. 

Many political experts believe that Newsom would fare worse than Biden against Trump.

But if Biden cannot serve any longer, Democrats may have no other feasible choice. 

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