Gavin Newsom may never recover from the absolute tongue-lashing this comedian just gave him

Government of California, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

California has been on the decline for decades.

But all of the rich and famous elites who live there and helped turn it into the left-wing hellscape the state has become are only now starting to notice just how bad things really are.

And Gavin Newsom may never recover from the absolute tongue-lashing this comedian just gave him.

Comedians continue to flee “horrible” California

Yet another famous person is fleeing from Democrat-controlled California after comedian and podcast host Adam Carolla announced his decision to finally leave the state during an appearance on The Sage Steele Show.

Carolla, who has long described himself as a “freedom and independence” libertarian, was asked how he could still live in Los Angeles considering his views, and he let out a loud groan.

“It’s horrible,” Carolla exclaimed.

He told host Sage Steele about his life growing up in LA, and that his comedy roots were made in the city, but added that it’s now “time to move.”

“I have twins, and they’re in their senior year of high school and I couldn’t – I didn’t want to pick up and, you know, tear up their roots, you know?” Carolla explained. ‘So people always, go, ‘When are you leaving?’ And I go, ‘I will be attending their high school graduation in a U-haul.’”

Carolla said it was a “sad testimonial about California,” and that in his younger years, “Moving to a place like Wyoming or something would have been unfathomable, unheard of.”

Now, the comedian says that Texas, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee are just some of the “15 places” he’s thinking about moving to – a move he has officially “decided” to make.

“This is, ‘I hate you so much. I’m moving into a motel room and not dating for six years,’” said Carolla.

He also said that the problems in California are “self-imposed” and “super avoidable,” adding that the Democrat-controlled state has never “pumped the brakes” – and seems to have no interest in doing so any time soon either.

The podcaster also noted that he wondered when the problems would end.

“We haven’t bottomed out yet,” Carolla noted. ‘We’re getting near it. We haven’t totally bottomed out. And then I say, ‘Why is it necessary to bottom out?’”

Carolla has strong words for Newsom

During the interview, Carolla went on a rant against California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom, calling him a “narcissistic douchebag” and a “slippery eel of nothingness.”

“He says nothing. He says nothing. He’s a sociopathic, narcissistic, empty bag. And we vote for this guy. He says nothing,” added Carolla.

The comedian also noted that his mom still voted for Newsom “no matter what the pile of sh-t does. And he’s insane.”

“He’s a narcissistic 10-cent head buffoon and nobody knows it. I don’t know- or people in California are too dumb to realize who he is. The real problem, getting back to my poor dead mom, is they cannot course correct. They can’t just go, ‘I made a mistake.’ This guy’s an idiot. I shouldn’t have voted for him,” Carolla said.

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