Fox News’ legal counsel may have inadvertently given Tucker Carlson the key to getting out of his contract with the network

Screenshot via YouTube, Fox News

Tucker Carlson is ready to rumble with Fox News.

The network’s executives best be on their “A game” or else they’ll be demolished by the most influential figure in traditional media.

And now Fox News’ legal counsel may have inadvertently given Tucker Carlson the key to getting out of his contract with the network.

Tucker was the gatekeeper of truth

These days, it’s hard to find honest, trustworthy news.

Virtually every media outlet does nothing but spew lies and half truths to deceive their viewers into believing whatever narrative they’re trying to establish.

And the networks’ talking heads are typically nothing but the mouthpiece for their lies.

Many don’t even believe the words coming out of their own mouths, but so long as their big, fat checks continue to clear, they really couldn’t care less.

But Tucker Carlson was an outlier, who always spoke his mind and reported the truth on issues others wouldn’t even touch – name any issue over the past couple years and Tucker has spoken the truth on them without any hesitation.

And that’s what made Carlson one of the most beloved media personalities America has ever seen.

For the past several years, Carlson dominated primetime cable news ratings, routinely dominating his counterparts at networks like CNN and MSNBC.

But his desire to speak the truth ultimately led to his downfall at Fox News.

Like many before him, Fox News kicked Carlson off the air for no real reason.

And since his departure, the network’s ratings have been dismal as fans are choosing to turn the channel.

Many fans are eagerly awaiting the return of Carlson’s show, which he recently announced will soon be broadcast on Twitter after he and the platform’s owner, Elon Musk, had a conversation about working together.

But unfortunately, he is bound by a contract that limits his ability to compete with Fox News.

Of course, there’s always loopholes – and Carlson believes he may have just found one that will free him from Fox News’ control.

Tucker may be free at last

According to sources close to the host, Fox News’ Chief Legal Counsel Viet Dinh may have spilled the beans and given Carlson a way out of his contract.

Viet Dinh personally called someone on Carlson’s team to apologize for footage that was leaked to Democrat activists in the media in order to smear him.

Supposedly, the Fox News counsel told the close associate that no one at Fox News was authorized to leak the footage, and that the head of Fox News public relations, Irena Briganti, had been warned that she would be fired if she leaked any information on Carlson.

Carlson’s legal team believes someone on the board of Fox News, like Anne Dias, authorized the leak to smear the network’s former top star.

When asked about the possibility of a Fox News board member authorizing a smear campaign, the network responded, “Any claim that Anne Dias has spoken to the media on these matters is absolutely false.”

But Fox News is in hot water for this one.

If Fox News’ Chief Legal Counsel called Carlson’s team and told them point blank that a Fox News employee tried to smear the host, that is a breach of his employment agreement, and could free him from any contractual obligations with the network.

Only time will tell if anything happens with the legal battle between Tucker Carlson and Fox News, but one can only hope that he comes out victorious.

Do you still watch Fox News after Tucker Carlson’s firing?