Fox News just set itself up for the “Bud Light” treatment after this universally bad news promotion

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The media has been completely taken over by woke extremism.

And sadly Fox News is no different.

And now Fox just set itself up for the “Bud Light” treatment after this universally bad news promotion.

While most of the world mourns the destruction of women’s rights by woke extremists, Fox News is seemingly celebrating it.

Mr. Universe?

The latest trans travesty was the Virgin Atlantic Attitude Awards naming male woke extremist Dylan Mulvaney as “Woman of the Year.”

But the news for women gets even worse as the Miss Universe Pageant will now have at least two men competing.

Most recently a 28-year-old male flight attendant became the first transgender contestant to take home the title of Miss Portugal, adding to the number already headed to the Miss Universe contest in El Salvador next month.

“Proud to be the first trans woman to compete for the Miss Universe Portugal title!” Marina Machete wrote in an Instagram post before the competition began. 

“For many years I wasn’t eligible to compete and now it’s such an honor to be a part of this incredible group of candidates!” he added.

Machete will be the second male contestant headed to the Miss Universe competition next month, where he will compete against Rikkie Valerie Kollé, who became the first biological male to claim the Miss Netherlands crown in July.

Machete celebrated the win in a separate post.

Celebrating a “bold” and historic stance

And Fox News seemed to join in the celebration, putting out an entire article about the takeover of the Miss Universe pageant by men.

They wrote a glowing article about the takeover, and one of their headlines went beyond the pale, claiming, “Miss Universe takes bold and historic stance on transgender competitors.”

That was one of the headlines Fox News used in their article, and on their pictures, about biological males competing in Miss Universe.

Of course, Fox News has a long history of being just another part of the corporate-controlled media.

While they attempted to pretend to be unbiased for a time, the last few years have seen the once proud network reveal its true woke extremist intentions.

And this past year has seen the network take some drastic actions proving they are just like every other establishment media outlet.

Fox News unceremoniously fired the most popular and influential primetime cable news host in America, Tucker Carlson, and have gone out of their way to attack former President Donald Trump and his supporters.

And it’s no surprise the network has been a cheerleader for the war in Ukraine and an increased military presence in the Middle East.

But no one expected the network to go full woke extremist so fast.

It looks like it is time for Fox News to get the “Bud Light treatment.”

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