Fox News just blew the lid off this Biden family Chinese connection Democrats didn’t want to see the light of day

Photo by Aboodi Vesakaran from Pexels

Joe Biden and his family have been profiting off of his position for a very long time.

Hunter’s laptop was enough evidence for an investigation by Congress to hold them accountable.

Now Fox News just blew the lid off this Biden family Chinese connection Democrats didn’t want to see the light of day.

Biden’s exposure to China is an issue that “needs to be addressed”

President Joe Biden has been under constant threat of exposure since the day he took office.

As more evidence comes to light, Americans are becoming frustrated with the President, and are calling on him to open up about his family’s “significant and important” financial ties to Communist China.

Now, Fox News journalist Maria Bartiromo is blowing the lid off all the financial malfeasance. 

Following an interview with Senator Ron Johnson, the firebrand reporter hosted the President of communications consultancy firm Maslansky + Partners, Lee Carter to discuss Biden’s problems.

“When you see this kind of a connection between a sitting President, his son and the Chinese government, when people just don’t trust this and know that it’s one of the biggest threats facing us right now, that’s a really big issue that needs to be addressed,” Carter said of Johnson’s revelations.

This issue could prove to be the Achilles’ heel of the Biden family.

Cathay Bank “willingly” handed over everything that Congress needed

Senator Johnson and the House Oversight Committee just obtained documents that show that “a bank from China” under alleged “Communist Party” control might be the key to Biden’s downfall.

Cathay Bank “willingly” provided Congress with the records they needed.

The bank – which is headquartered in Los Angeles and has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Taipei – claims to be the oldest bank founded by Chinese Americans in the United States.

They provided the proverbial smoking gun Congressional investigators needed.

Johnson found it interesting that Cathay Bank provided the information to Congress, and said that it might be “a shot across President Biden’s bow” to warn him that more information could be released if he doesn’t “toe the line.”

Biden has denied purported links between his family’s finances and the Chinese Communist government, but investigators say this is the evidence they needed.

Vast majority of Americans don’t trust China

“This isn’t just a Chinese bank, this is an American bank that was founded by Chinese Americans,” Carter told Bartiromo following Johnson’s revelations.

She went on to explain that “only 15% of Americans trust China,” and that their concerns are justified.

“The American people are rightly concerned,” Carter said. “They deserve to have answers. At a minimum, the President needs to make a statement and address people’s concerns because they are valid.” 

Financial service expert Michael Lee joined Carter to discuss the issue.

He asked Bartiromo’s audience to “go back in time” to remember the private equity firm started by Hunter Biden despite his lack of experience, and his “debilitating crack habit.”

“What type of influence did they buy as Chinese Communist Party is running around with Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, setting up a new reserve currency to take out the United States of America?” Lee asked.

Lee believes that the Biden family poses a direct threat to our national security.

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